Adventures in Netflix – Supergirl

Apparently Netflix wanted to torture me and send me all the Super movie around the same time even though they were in different parts of my queue. So introducing Supergirl!

Believe it or not, this trailer is probably the most accurate one out of all the ones that I’ve reviewed so far. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t lie to you but out of the others, it lies to you the least.

Note how Supergirl is by the Statue of Liberty. She is no where near that in the film…

One of the most interesting things about this movie is that it uses magic, which is one of the weaknesses of the Kryptonians like Superman but is rarely brought up. How it happens though was a little strange and all requires some back story. So in to the story we go.

The main character of the film is Kara Zor-El (Helen Slater) who lives in the Kryptonian(?) city of Argo. It is apparently in a pocket dimension partly created by Zaltar (Peter O’Toole). He “borrowed” the Omegahedron to create new things in the city, which also happens to help power the city. Through an accident it is blown out of the city into the the dimensional space and Kara decides to go after it in an experimental ship. Her parents weep over her as she decides to leave suddenly and they can’t stop her (Her mother is played strangely as a cameo by Mia Farrow).

Already things here have gotten weird. This city somehow knows all about Superman and strange stories of Earth. They already know that he is Kara’s cousin (which is dropped a ton during the movie). This might not be so strange except that Argo City is apparently in the bottom of a lake in Ohio. So they were on Earth the entire time and happened to be stuck in a pocket dimension at the bottom of lake that then doesn’t seem so hard to get out of.

The Omegahedron is found by Selena (Faye Dunaway) and immediately starts to use. She is a wannabe witch, with a lazy friend, and on a date with a warlock who takes himself too seriously. The Omegahedron allows Selena to perform real magic and she immediately decides to ditch the warlock Nigel.

As they pull away from their picnic, Kara comes shooting out of the lake, already clad in her Supergirl outfit. She immediately discovers her powers, which I thought the citizens of Argo City would already know about considering the information they already had. She peeps on a group of schoolgirls and automatically decides that’s how she is going to blend in. She apparently has a better power then Superman as she magically makes her clothes change to the school uniform and her hair color from blonde to brunette. (At least it is a better disguise then just glasses.) Kara says that she is Clark Kent’s cousin and fakes a letter of recommendation from him in order to get into the school. Kara on Earth decides to go by the name Linda Lee. At her dorm room she just happens to be paired with Lucy Lane (the younger sister of Lois Lane played by Maureen Teefy).

Selena, who lives in an abandoned amusement park, decides that she wants a local cute gardener Ethan (Hart Bochner) to fall in love with her.  She uses her magic to make it happen but it all goes wrong and he falls in love with Linda Lee instead. Selena tries to use her magic to defeat Supergirl many times who she sees as a threat to her love of Ethan.

Supergirl magically has a bracelet that lights up with the Omegahedron is near, and is trying to track it down. She knows that it’s close to the school, but only after she basically started traveling around the United States.

In the mean time Selena needs more powerful magic, so she turns to Nigel for help. Nigel just happens to also be the computer teacher at Linda’s school. All I can wonder about is that for a supposedly prestigious private school, they really need to work on their background checks if black magic users are the teachers.

Selena sends Supergirl to the Phantom Zone once she has enough power. There Zaltar has been exiled for a long time (even though its been like a day) for loosing the Omegahedron and had all but given up hope to get back until Kara pleads with him. They find a way back, but not before Zaltar loses his life (making Peter O’Toole in the movie for less then 10 minutes or so) so that Kara can get back.

Selena in the meantime has started her take over of the world, starting with the Midwest. She and Supergirl have a short fight, in which it could have been shortened even further if Supergirl could remember she can fly. Selena is defeated and Supergirl returns to the lake to bring back the Omegahedron to Argo City, saving everyone. She apparently can keep her powers in the city, which means everyone should be superpowered.

One of the funny things about the movie is that Selena (Faye Dunaway) is always lit in nearly every scene with her eyes accented. It’s almost like the Spielberg face I’ve mentioned before, but only on Selena. It seems like it’s done for no reason whatsoever. Also Jimmy from the Daily Planet randomly shows up and is in a relationship with Lucy. This makes him the only actor to appear in all the original Superman films and Supergirl.

As far as these Superman franchise movies go, this one is somewhere in the middle between Superman III and Superman IV. It’s probably better done than both of them, but not as funny as III and not as completely cheesy as IV. But it is slightly watchable and enjoyable.


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