Adventures in Netflix – The Warrior’s Way

In the continuing tradition of “Watching Bad Movies, So You Don’t Have to” I decided to stream The Warrior’s Way since I remembered seeing the commercials from a while ago.


It was not a wise decision.

If you want a better version of the trailer that is actually enjoyable.

The Warrior’s Way tries to say that it’s a Cowboys vs Ninjas mashup but it ends up being a Ninja vs Ninjas, Ninja & Cowboys vs Cowboys, and then Ninja vs Ninjas.

Basically Yang is a warrior that decides not to kill the baby that is the last surviving member of an opposing clan. This makes his own clan start to go after him. In seeking refuge he travels to a friend in the West of America (who had already died by the time he got there). The town is inhabited by a non traveling traveling circus which has been building a giant ferris wheel in town.

They are terrorized by a gang of bandits, the warrior the other things of life, and then everyone fights.
I’m not going to go into the whole movie but this is definitely a movie where bad movies happen to good actors. Geoffrey Rush is a drunkard who narrates the whole movie as well as the comic relief of the movie. Kate Bosworth is kind of the sheriff/love interest to the Warrior.  There are also a few other lower list actors that are recognizable. They give okay performances but the whole movie comes off super cheesy.

The movie also suffers from it’s highly visual style. Some of it is so over the top it’s hilarious. Kate Bosworth’s character is running away from a bandit but it is painfully obvious that is nothing more than her running in place with a special effect.

Watch the movie if you dare. It has some nice visuals but much of the movie is pure WTF. It was a huge box office flop in 2010 and it is easy to see why this was deserved.


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