Brave but not quite Courageous – Brave Review


I’ll keep this one short. Brave is newest Pixar animated film. It centers around a princess of a Scottish kingdom named Merida as she yearns to be free from her royal duties. She wants to change her fate so that she can basically do what she wants. She is always at odds with her mother who wants her to act like a princess. In order to change her fate, she accidentally changes her mother into a bear (and her brothers too).

Yeah that’s basically the premise on paper and the movie is about as weak as it sounds. Apparently Pixar needed to add to the Disney Princess line and was trying to subvert the usual stereotypes. However, it’s just not quite there.


Now I’m not saying the movie is awful. It’s a Pixar movie and the storytelling is still top notch. However, it’s above just Cars 2 in quality of story. Merida is so desperate to change her fate and it says that every so often she gets to go out but never says what those occasions are. She is at odds with her mother for normal reasons honestly. Lastly turning her mom into a bear seemed like a really random way to change her fate. It doesn’t change her fate at all. It only changes the future from then on and usually not in a good way.


There are some fun sequences in this movie though. The best parts to me where featuring the witch with her magic and her cauldron. Unfortunately these scenes were much too short. (Though stay after the credits for some extra fun related to her.) To me, changing people into bears all the time doesn’t really solve problems.


The rest of the cast is fun, and I have to say I think that this is the first time I’ve seen computer animated human butts…which I don’t really want to witness again.


Overall the movie is enjoyable but falls a little flat compared to the other Pixar movies. I give it a solid 3 1/2 out of 5.

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