Find Dorothy: Tell her the Cast is in Trouble – Reprise Theater Cast Interview!

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While we’ve been catching on real life fun, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the new local venue for us, Southwest Reprise Theatre in Fort Worth and see a rehearsal of their new original production of Find Dorothy: Tell her Oz is in Trouble by writer and director James Long. Find Dorothy: Tell her Oz is in Trouble is based on the works of L. Frank Baum but expounds on it and takes the citizens of Oz on a journey to find Dorothy after the evil witch Zelbella regains her magic powers and seeks to take over Oz.

After the rehearsal we had a chance to sit down with the cast, crew, director, and producer/president of Southwest Reprise Theatre for a group interview to discuss the new play and their experiences in preparing for the new production. We hope to go back to see the final product of Find Dorothy: Tell her Oz is in Trouble once it’s in regular production! We’re looking forward to see that those final costumes will look like!

Performances will be from July 8th – July 30th, 2016.

The Southwest Reprise Theatre is located at:

Trinity Cumberland Presbyterian Church
7120 W. Cleburne Rd.
Ft. Worth, TX. 76133

For more info you can visit and follow them on Facebook. Plus if you’re in the Fort Worth or general DFW area and are interested in joining an upcoming production, auditions are announced on their Facebook.

Thanks to everyone in the cast that let us interview them! We’d like to properly give a shout out to everyone we met and wish them all luck. Break a leg!

Reprise Theatre Oz Cast
The Find Dorothy: Tell her Oz is in Trouble Cast after our interview!

Cast List

Dorothy Gale: Gabby Nero
Dorothy Gale: Bethany Beardshay
Scarecrow: Adam Kullman
Billina: Candace Cook
Grumly: Amy Sorter
Matildarilla: Erin Pillow
Bucket: Matthew Walls
Auntie Em: Vonciel “Vonnie” Lowrey
Uncle Henry: Dwayne Pillow
Zelbella: Rianna Lester
Glinda: Jacqueline Divilla
Admiral Hiandry: Alfie Smith (understudy – Bryan Cook)
Oberhoston: Alan Meadows
Sarafina: Gabby Nero
Barbu: Ana-Lisa Divilla
Paralavous: Laura Francais
Whistler: Megan Leonard
The Cowardly Lion: Alan Meadows
The Tin Man: Alfie Smith (understudy – Bryan Cook)
Ozma: Gabby Nero
Security Guard: Shay Dellinger
Mombi: Jojee Allgood

The Production Team

Writer/Director: James Long
President/Producer: Lisa Pillow
Costumer: MacKenzie Pillow
Sound/Lighting: Daniel Carrizales

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