In Theaters – January 08, 2016 – The Revenant – The Forest

The Revenant Movie Poster

The Revenant

– The Revenant is based on the real life story of trapper Hugh Glass in 1820s Montana and South Dakota. After being mauled by a grizzly bear (not raped by a bear like some news sources have tried to say) Hugh Glass is betrayed by those who are sent to watch after him during his recovery. One of his party, John Fitzgerald wants to leave Glass for dead and after an attempt his life, kills the others watching Glass including Hugh Glass’ young son. Fitzgerald then buries Glass in a shallow grave but Glass survives. Hugh Glass is driven by revenge to survive the harsh winter, being hunted by Indians, and other struggles while karma strikes Fitzgerald. The story of Hugh Glass has been the subject of a few books and movies, including a movie in the 1970s.

– Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, Lukas Haas, Forrest Goodluck, Paul Anderson, Brendan Fletcher, Kristoffer Joner, and Brad Carter. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Rated R.

The Forest Movie Poster

The Forest

– After her twin sister goes missing in Japan, Sara goes to Japan to either find her missing sister or find out what truly happened to her before she went missing. Her sister Jess was camping in the renowned Aokigahara Forest at Mount Fuji. The forest is famous for its legends of being a popular destination for those who are suicidal and then disappear without a trace. Warned to stay away from the forest but joined with a friend of her sister’s, an Australian reporter named Aiden, they search for Jess in the forest, a decision that may cost them their lives.

– Stars Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney, Eoin Macken, Stephanie Vogt, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Rina Takasaki, Noriko Sakura, Yûho Yamashita, and James Owen. Directed by Jason Zada. Rated PG-13.

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