Is Unfairest a Word? – Snow White and the Huntsman Review

Guys full disclosure, this review will be short. Krista has already covered it pretty well over on her corner. Really I’m just putting this one here so I can give a rating. Which is a big fat zero.

This movie is the worst movie that I’ve seen all year. Like literally. Visually it was good, but storyline and acting it was pretty bottom of the barrel. Not even Chris Hemsworth or Charlize Theron could hold this movie. They tried nobly, even Ms. Theron overacted to try to make the Queen good. But the movie is flat. The plot was weak and Kristen Stewart can’t act. At all. This should seal the deal, and I hope her recent missteps would make it so she is never in movies again. There were numerous times during this movie that I looked at the time and was shocked that it wasn’t even half over or should have been over. Now they are going to make some sort of sequel to it even though it won’t make any sense. If you really want to see it, you can rent (You might be one of the few people that liked it. Like Krista’s Parents) please just Red Box it. Do not spend more than a dollar to rent it and you will be more happy with your life. Better yet just don’t waste your money. Watch something better like Batman or Avengers.

This God awful movie gets zero stars out of 5. Avoid it like the plague.

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