Krista’s Korner – A Head Full of Dreams

A Head full of Dreams is a great return to Coldplay’s energy reminiscent of Mylo Xylto. Ghost Stories was a beautiful album, but it was very melancholy and almost too ambient for my tastes, so it was refreshing to have this album as a follow up. Also awesome to note is the array of artists collaborated with Coldplay to bring this unique and colorful album to life.

The title track is among the tracks that stand out for me – great front-running track and catchy tune. Beyonce joins for “Hymn for the Weekend” and what small vocal parts she has on the track, she utilizes her strengths and harmonizes with Chris, well. “Everglow” is the slow ballad feature and it’s gorgeous with piano and acoustics. “Fun” features Tove Lo in the chorus and I really love her beautiful voice and really need to check her out. “Army of One” gets my vote for favorite track on the album for the positive lyrics and upbeat tempo.

All together this album is a lovely showcase of the variety the band offers may it be on their own or the collaborated efforts with others. It truly is a happy album and for the sad times in recent months, I think it’s something we can all appreciate.

A Head Full Of Dreams

A head full of Dreams album cover

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