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My second most anticipated series has gone and left in a flash! Seriously, it’s very disappointing to have such a great thing for so little time. However, it got decent ratings and received and there were still some things that needed to happen and you can’t tell me a second season wasn’t at least planned.

Three years after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, the US is recovering from the war – soldiers are coming back and returning to the work force, forcing the women that filled in their place back into the homes and secretarial work. Peggy Carter works as an office assistant to the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve). While being apart of something that could make a difference, she is treated as only a woman, not someone with experience or caliber, selectively ignoring what she did for the war.

Until one day Howard Stark approaches her saying that he is being framed for genocide and asks her to clear his name, as well as stop whoever it was that is in possession of the weapon from doing the same to the states. Stark then entrusts his butler, Jarvis, to aid her.

Throughout the course of the series, Peggy runs for her life, risks what she fights for, Howard’s name that used to be good, and her reputation at the SSR and as a war veteran. One of Howard’s weapons he tells her is critical is a curious round enclosed ball which reveals to have the remains of Steve Rogers blood. She of course is infuriated that he’d have such a thing and all the unspeakable things that could be done to it, why didn’t he tell her in the first place and he gives it to her for safe keeping and that becomes another mission on her list – keep her love safe.

It’s such a short and enjoyable watch, I’m not going to go much further to avoid spoilers. In eight forty minute episodes a lot is accomplished and Peggy herself is fleshed out to be a really awesome character. I liked her before, but seeing her stand up for herself in the time of men was very inspiring to me. Seeing backstories like these makes things feel more real and believable for things we already know in the future (S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avengers). While the series stopped short of founding S.H.I.E.L.D. like I thought would happen, it gave good headway and reasons for it.  Let us all form a prayer circle for season two!

Other than Peggy being a one-woman army and being generally more clever than most people and interacting with the Howling Commandos, I really loved the general style. I’m not nit-picky about period-accuracy (as long as I can see there is a difference between then and now), but seeing 40s primitive tech in the Marvel-verse was a real treat. Not to mention much simpler, yet deadlier, fighting styles. The costuming and old-time radios and record players, the way people talk and their slang, how the world worked back then. It was like historical fiction. Jarvis was also a delight and two Brits playing off each other was fantastic. Potential Mr. Carter as well 😉 I like how it felt very different from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – a bit more on the fun side.

If you are a fan of anything Marvel has put out on the screen or TV, I highly recommend Agent Carter. If you’re a woman who longs to have a well-written female character who kicks ass but is still a dame without the femme fatal, you should probably watch this, too.


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