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Season One of AoS left off somewhat ambiguously, but thankfully due to its success and the pretty amazing tie-in to Winter Soldier, the series continues! And still amazing: A season three is also confirmed.

Season Two gives us a helping of some new characters right from the start, what with the team’s numbers diminishing after the events of the finale. Ward is held captive by the remain members of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is used to gain headway of what the remaining Hydra could be planning. Through all the twists and infiltrations of Hydra’s bases we are introduced to Skye’s father, an eccentric super-strength man going by the name of Cal. Skye is skeptical, most of the team, of him being legit, but further investigations proves his claims. All the while, Coulson is writing unusual symbols on things much like Garrett had before his defeat. Through Hydra, Ward and leads via their tactical software, they locate other individuals that have come in contact with the alien substance. At nearly the same time, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra discover the location of an underground city in Morocco with alien origins. Raina is also in search of this place.

All protagonists go to the site to secure it. Mac is infected by the alien energy and is driven mad. Skye follows Raina into the caverns to find whatever The Diviner is that Raina keeps talking about and stop her from using it or activating it. They enter a chamber and it closes as if on a timer. Trip is sent after Skye to get her to safety before the underground city collapses and gets trapped in the room with The Diviner opening, revealing a crystal and it activates. Trip is killed by the pulsing energy and Raina and Skye are then encased in rocky cocoons. The pair emerge with a blast of the cocoon exploding and Skye hovers above the wreckage and passes out for the team to find her. A mysterious man with no eyes exclaims “There’s Someone new…”

[Cue for agonizingly long season break]

Coulson is looking to hit back at Hydra hard to ruining their attempt at examining the underground city before a new head can emerge. The blast had caused the city to flood. Raina manages to escape and she is covered in spikes and has reptilian eyes and she attempts to take her life, cursing The Diviner for not Choosing her and is rescued by the man we see before the break and she is then teleported away to a long where other Gifted/Chosen individuals reside.

When Skye awakens, she admittedly in a state of confusion, but eventually admits to Fitz that she was the cause of the earthquake. Fitz agrees to keep quiet. Lady Sif makes a visit, and after a skirmish with a Kree man, Skye’s powers are revealed and Sif and the Kree want to take her into custody and of course questions are fired at Skye and Fitz for keeping it a secret. Meanwhile, Mack and Bobbi are conspiring against Coulson’s team.

Cal recruits various gifted individuals that had been indexed by S.H.I.E.L.D. and kept in custody as dangerous. He sets up a meeting with Coulson in order to get Skye back and instead, the teleporting man takes Cal. Angry and confused, Skye starts causing more tremors and her way to attempting to control it, she shifts it inward, injuring herself. The whole incident lands Skye in inactive duty and at a safe house that Dr. Banner used to visit. Doing this of course leaves her vulnerable to people with teleportation powers and the man that has abducted Raina and Cal up to this point, come to her and sprouts some convincing stuff about controlling her gifts and that S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t know how to handle her, so they are afraid and want to her contain her – all of which isn’t a complete lie, really. By this point, a group calling themselves “The REAL S.H.I.E.L.D.” She calls for Gordon and is taken to a secret remote mountain top that the inhabitant call Afterlife, a place where those known as Inhumans reside.

After some secrets and exposition, the leader of the humans turns out to be Skye’s believed-to-be-dead mother, Jiaying. Turns out that her ability allows her to regenerate when she absorbs people. So that whole village that was wiped out that left Skye behind? That was her mother putting herself back together after Hydra had their experiments with her.

New S.H.I.E.L.D. convinces Skye to lead them to Afterlife to form a peace treaty with Jiaying. Jiaying does not trust S.H.I.E.L.D., for some fairly valid reasons from the past, but not quite changed present with Coulson. Unfortunately, Gonzales, the new director, doesn’t trust Coulson and things it’s too personal an issue with him to deal in the matter, so he approaches Jiaying instead. She had no intentions of letting him walk away, kills him and stages it like self-defense to start a war against S.H.I.E.L.D. and overtake their bases to set her plan into mention – breaking various Kree crystals to kill all of humanity and only those worthy will emerge from the cocoon as Skye did. Coulson and his team with Skye sneak on to the ship base and fight a fleet of Inhumans while Skye finds her mother.

Jiaying will not be swayed and tries to Skye and Skye tries to use her powers to fight back with her earthquake powers. They break from each other, but it is Cal that pulls his wife away from his daughter and kills her in the end. The team returns to base with Cal and are merciful to Cal and his crimes he committed before he had a change of heart and his memories are erased using the Tahiti Project and he no longer remembers Skye as his daughter.

S.H.I.E.L.D. take possession of the large Kree crystal and it absorbs Simmons in frustrating season finale fashion!


I thought Season Two was a lot better directed. The budget was much larger, so the effects were muchly improved (other than Skye shattering the glass in the lab, what was that???) it was all pretty impressive. A larger cast to work with made for a more immersive world as well. It was less Monster-of-the-Week formula like the first season and definitely was more confident in its direction. As I stated already, it didn’t have a huge spoilery attachment to Age of Ultron like it did Cap 2, but it had the setup of future Netflix and movies to come.

I still hate Ward. He makes a better villain, but he’s still super annoying and I hope he gets what he deserves in seasons to come. It is amusing how Team Coulson has to use him every once in a while, but none of them are up for his bull crap.

While the season has a lot of strong points, I know this is more of a personal preference of mine, but all the betraying/double agent-ing got a little tiring. I don’t like not being able to trust characters and their actions/motives. Like, any moment, someone is going to turn! I’ve heard there’s a Bobbi/Hunter spin-off in the works and while it could initially be funny, their on/off relationship got really old to me after a while. I’m also disappointed that Raina didn’t stick around longer. She was such a manipulative piece in the first season and seeing her with Seer abilities could have made for some interesting things down the line.

My favorite aspect of AoS is the badass ladies. Let this always be a thing. May’s backstory was awesome and I like Bobbi when she isn’t involved with Hunter.

Cal wins the award for being the best. He was presented as psychotic, rightly so, but as events unfold, you find out his feelings for his family were manipulated, thus his psyche becoming damaged and obsessive. His outcome was bittersweet, and I can live with that over disposing of him completely. This season did a good job wrapping up Skye’s heritage story arc, so now that she knows her roots and what’s she’s capable of, Season Three will definitely be show of the year for me. Oh, and Agent Carter!

SDCC posted this Sizzle Reel of season two. Warning: SPOILERS! Like, more than I talked about here.

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