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And we’re back to the continuation of Spring 2015 Anime with the conclusion of the first season of Assassination Classroom (season two due out next year, I think?)

Zach and I started watching it about three episodes into the season. We thought it was interesting cause who wouldn’t think a class full of students trying to kill their teacher wasn’t unique?! But it didn’t quite engage us. It wasn’t until Funimation picked it up for their Simulcasts that we gave it another go and we never went back. There are a few series where the dub makes something a better experience for me and Assassination Classroom would be one of them.

Earth’s moon has been destroyed to the point of a permanent crescent by a yellow squid creature. This serves as a warning that in a year’s time he will destroy the Earth. However, he is willing to give them a fighting chance. He proposes teaching the outcast, less-academically successful class of Kunugigaoka Junior High School to better their grades and themselves as well as teaching them the art of assassination. The students are all there more for the reward money of 100 billion yen, but along the way they find that Koro-sensei (a pun of korosenai, meaning unkillable) is a wonderful teacher and their grades rise to beat some of the very best in their school.

As the manga was incomplete, season one was left open-ended. Who knows if it’ll end with season two, but we’ll see, as it’s just supposed to be a year’s time before he supposedly destroys the earth!

The series progresses in a very episodic fashion, some lesson to be taught via assassination and some life lesson is usually attached to it. It’s all very morbid, but educational and touching somehow? When you realize what a good teacher Koro-sensei is and such a good figure for these wayward kids, you wonder if they really well murder him. Throughout the series there are many attempts, even assassins from all over the world travel to take a shot at it (despite that being against  The Rules Koro-sensei put together, but then they eventually become ally of sorts). And after 24 episodes, you the viewer get attached to this octopus teacher and his love for the students and their education. It’s all very strange and messed up, but it’s all presented in a comical way and you can’t help but be charmed by it.

Huh. I think this is my first review of a Broadcast Dub! Broadcast Dubs are Funimation’s way of having a quicker turn (about a month behind) around to those that enjoy dubs, while also still releasing the subs to keep on schedule with Japan. This gives more work to the American voice actors and keeps them all happy and busy and it is then made available for Elite Subscribers on Funimation’s site. I highly recommend this service, there’s even a trial period if you’re unsure, and it also has a huge backlist catalog for past titles that may or may not be available on Netflix. If you like dubs or lots of anime, give it a go!

Anyway. You can tell the cast had a lot of fun with this one. As I said above, the dub made the series for me. Comedies ring better for me when they are dubbed as I am not Japanese and do not get a lot of references, plus all these kids are so quirky and the context is so bizarre, I find it works very well. Sonny Strait is ever whimsical and goes all out as Koro-Sensei. Lindsay Seidel does an amazing job playing the androgynous lead, Nagisa. Martha Harms I’m not all that familiar with, but I loved her character, Irina Jelavic, who all lovingly referred to as Yellow Bitch. The cast is actually quite large as a whole classroom had to be filled. It was really fun to hear Kristen McGuire have her first name character role. Newbies like Austin Tindle, Bryn Apprill and Felicia Angelle join veterans like Jerry Jewell, Justin Cook, Leah Clark and Monica Rial.

If you like hilarity and a little break from the norm of school animes, give this one a go!

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