Krista’s Korner – E3 2014 Musings

I did briefly discuss some things about what all went down at E3 this year. Like usual, I kept to the Nintendo side of things even though technically I do have a Ps4 so I should start caring about Sony and what not but somehow I just haven’t convinced myself to. Yet. It’ll happen, I swear!

But really, you’ve got to hand it to Nintendo. Even though the sales of their systems and games fall behind the XBox and PS3/4s, their presentations at E3 are always fantastic – fun and silly. I’m sure working at Nintendo is one of the best jobs.

As everyone should know by now, I love The Legend of Zelda. Each time the new one comes out it’s always the best reason to get the new gen system. Somehow I still don’t have a Wii, but I will definitely be getting a Wii U for both of the Zelda (sort of) titles.

I’m really not one for RPGs and level grinding to make your characters stronger. But watching the game play of Hyrule Warriors, it makes me wonder if you have more freedoms. If anything, some really sweet multi-player mode. And me just being the fan I am am just excited to see Link and the ladies from the other games unite in one game with some sweet new garb. I’m curious to see what kind of story modes will occur and if any of it will be canon to the Zelda timeline. There’s been speculation that this Link is the very first Link that we see in the Hyrule Historia. I’m still wanting to believe that because he looks a little more mature and cool scarf! Then we have Zelda from Twilight Princess as well as Midna in imp form. Impa from Ocarina of time, though her design also seemingly inspired by Impa in Skyward Sword as well.

The graphics look great. But maybe I get it and hate the gameplay. Or maybe it’ll be a nice gateway into some RPGs. Sure it’s argued that Zelda is an RPG, but you have a lot of freedom and you don’t have to level up to advance per say. You do get heart pieces after you defeat a dungeon and really those are the main things you have to do. Some structure and order is good, obviously. Here’s some gameplay:


Now we have the new Zelda game of which the title has yet to be revealed. Eiji Aonuma shows us a glimpse of the game. Mountains in the far distance that supposedly you can reach if you journey far enough. The idea to make the world more open came from the original game as you could spend hours getting lost in the mazes. The limited playing field was one thing I didn’t like about Skyward Sword. Sure it was an origin story and the lands were in need of being discovered, but once you are able to beam to all you are able, you can not go from point to point by foot as if there’s a wall between each. Twilight Princess was much more open and one of my favorite things was walking on foot or wolf form and walking everywhere once unlocked. I have high hopes for Zelda 2015 given the information we’ve been told.

Aonuma moves off screen and we get to see some gameplay of Link being chased by a fire spewing mechanical creature. Link removes his cloak (bearing what looks like Gerudo markings) and leaps to shoot a fancy light arrow from a new bow. Link also is sporting blue rather than green and a ponytail.

I guess I missed some rumors brewing about Link being a girl and the creators alluding to the Link not actually being Link, but I never had doubt. Blond hair and blue eyes wielding a bow? Gotta be Link, always. Maybe someday a girl Link would come, but would you be saving a Prince in that case?? Anyway, what I’m most intrigued on is Link’s attire. Layers and Gerudo markings. I really hope this Link comes from the desert and be raised by a tribe of women like Ganon of Ocarina of Time was. Maybe this timeline they will be friends? Maybe this Link is only 100 years or so off from Skyward Sword. I don’t know. I just hope the game graphics keep to looking this way: bright and cell shaded. As disappointed as I am for no direct Twilight Princess style like we were teased of in 2012, the toony style of Skyward Sword grew on me and became very endearing.

Another game that I’m excited for that’s a little out of the norm for me is Yoshi’s Woolly World. It’s a 3D side scroller style but, but, but EVERYTHING IS MADE OF YARN! It’s so adorable. I want a Yoshi plush like now.

As far as Sonic Boom goes? I’m more excited for the animated series than the actual game. Sonic games since the Sega tend to just be awkward and weird.


What are you excited for? Obviously I stuck to Nintendo, but what about all of you out there that play EVERYTHING?

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