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I was going to report on E3 on this week’s podcast, but due to my surgery happening a lot faster than I had anticipated, I will just blog about it here.

Overall everyone, myself included, found this years presentation conferences to be lackluster. Microsoft focused on sequel’s to their already popular games (Halo 4, Black Ops, Fable), but nothing special and wow-inducing in the brand-spanking new category. Same can be said for Sony (Assassin’s Creed). One thing I’m disappointed in, though I do understand the decision, is that Microsoft is re-branding Zune to be Xbox music. The Zune device has been discontinued for sometime, but the name stayed in tack with the music connection on the Xbox. But due to the Windows Phone in the making and it’s capabilities with the Xbox, they made the name change. Rest in peace, Zune :'(

I don’t own an Xbox or Playstation so their presentations didn’t interest me enough to livestream it to begin with. I’m not a huge gamer, but I do like to keep up with what’s popular so I’m not left completely arrogant with my ‘I’d by and Xbox/Playstation for that one game’. Which brings me to Nintendo.

Nintendo has been part of me all my life. I own every Nintendo console since the beginning except the Wii. I like party games and simple 1-Player games and The Legend of Zelda series. Especially. Banjo Kazooie (N64) and Donkey Kong Country (SNES) are among my favorite games!

Last year when Nintendo presented the WiiU I was REALLY excited. Finally Nintendo could be a competitor for graphics and people will stop making fun of how cheap they are and how it can’t handle third-party games. Honestly their lack in graphics has been what I’d somewhat disappointed in them over the years. But then again, seeing a highly detailed Mario or Kirby would be really strange, right? But I’d LOVE to get my hands on a more realistic Zelda game!

A video was used to display the graphics the WiiU is capable of and to this day still makes my jaw drop to the floor. Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy? I want it to be real life, someday.  Link in beautiful HD graphics. Perfection.

So I was hoping to get more bites for upcoming WiiU games. More demos for a gorgeous Zelda? Mario and Luigi? Donkey Kong? SOMETHING? Okay, they gave us Pikmin3. Pretty cool I guess. The let down was was that it was only a demo not being played with the actual WiiU. How are you supposed to showcase your system, Nintendo? Apparently they had them on the show floor, but on stage at their presentation conference the only thing they managed to do was zombie-fy themselves.

They focused more on upcoming third-party games. All of which are games that already are out and have been for a while. So by the time the WiiU hits the shelves (supposedly this holiday season) no one is really going to care. Okay, I’ll still care about getting to play Arkham Asylum, but that’s about it. Most titles they spoke about were already announced before E3.

They showed Nintendo Land, which is a cute Mii-type game. Neat, but it doesn’t really sell me on the system. The reason I haven’t boughten a Wii yet is because <i>was</i> overpriced and didn’t have anything I was dying to have. Then Skyward Sword came out and I was all sorts of conflicted. Thankfully I was able to borrow the system and play my Christmas present. Anyway, what I’m saying is, they didn’t show gameplay for any of the actual Nintendo brand games being played live with the actual WiiU device. Constantly they were like, “When you play it, you’ll understand!” Well sure, but I want to see a true demonstration of how the WiiU controller works with the game!

Sure they had some on the show floor and I could probably look for some YouTube footage, but their presentation wasn’t impressive. They spent more time than they should have with a demo of Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS, a system that they’ve had out for two years and sales prove that it was a poor investment. Yet they spend more time with that than WiiU? What the heck?!

I hear talk that the WiiU isn’t going to be backwards compatible, meaning it can’t play Wii games. This is disappointing for me, cause I’d be willing to wait for the WiiU to come out so then I can buy Wii games. If this rumor stays true… bad move Nintendo… bad move.

The whole time I watched the conference I kept thinking they were hiding something. Like, ‘Here is this and this, but there is some super secret thing we won’t tell you!’ Was I the only one that got that impression? I understand some want to be secretive, but when you have a huge thing like E3 where gamers get super excited for upcoming games and you don’t display anything worthwhile? Same can be said for Microsoft and Sony, I’m sure.


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