Krista’s Korner – Gangnam Style

My Attack on Titan post reminded me of a similar post I’ve been meaning to do for PSY’s  ever popular Gangnam Style music video, that is now a year old.

The video now stands at 1.7 Billion views, making it one of, if not THE, YouTube’s Most-Watched videos, and rightly deserved so. I’m sure there’s some haters out there that are tired of it, but I honestly love it, and even checked out some more PSY music. My favorite thing to come from this video is how much it has peaked some American’s into checking out some foreign music.

Like my previous post, it’s time for fan-created mash-ups!

Many thought the words were GUNDAM style!

PSY pony.

Gangnam meets Cotton Eye Joe. WHY DOES THIS WORK SO WELL?

In… Klingon?

Bill Nye the Science Style.

Guile Street Fighter Style.

Moves Like Jagger.

Good Time (definitely makes it a more pop-y song!)

And Ghostbusters.


And have some gifs.

Remember to dress classy and dance cheesy.

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