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Ah man. What a nostalgic weekend. Not only did Zach and I get to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX to celebrate its 30th anniversary and feel like adults since neither of us existed at the time, we finished our re-watching of the Back to the Future trilogy.

To this day, Back to the Future remains my favorite 80s films, in my all-time fives, and my second favorite trilogy. (Nolan Batman being the first) (someday I should do a post of my favorite movies like I did my anime…)

I’ve yet to meet someone who has said “Oh, those movies are okay.” No. It’s always “I LOVE Back to the Future, let me quote things at you and reminisce and share why Marty was hot.”

Okay, maybe that last one was/is mostly me.

We’re three years away from the future 2015 that audiences were introduced to with auto-lacing shoes and hoverboards are in development, while everything else seems to be far away. However, that still doesn’t make the movies any less enjoyable or eventually possible. The beloved trilogy has withstood the test of time of movies and still looks great by way of effects. The cast still clicks with one another. The jokes are still memorable and laughable. It’s still quotable. And once you’re older, the wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey stuff makes a lot more sense. As of last night, there’s one time travel blip I found that was overlooked/doesn’t make sense, but WHATEVER, it will forever be an acclaimed award-winning film of sci-fi achievement.

Who wouldn’t be a bit curious of the past and future? No one, but after watching the films, you learn that one shouldn’t try to change the past otherwise there’s all sorts of consequences. And if you do mess it up, you better fix it. While recent Time Travel study media says there are certain fixed events of time in a person’s future, for BttF’s purpose, it leaves a hopeful taste of the future being endless and you make what you want of it. Which is, I believe, to a point, still very true.

All of the films are fantastic, but my favorite goes back and forth between Part One and Part Three. I was reminded last night towards the end of Part Three when the Delorean is shattered to shreds by the train… how heart breaking that was.

To me, Back to the Future is one the tightest and concise trilogies out there. Yeah, everything has a sequel these days, but does it reference every film and feel complete and resolved? Debateable I suppose, but is it as much as a classic and just as amazing? I find it more wide-spread than a cult favorite, and deservingly so.

With Michael J. Fox getting back into acting again, is it possible we’ll see a fourth installment and a reuniting of the cast? 😀 Please or please, yes please! I not a fourth movie, at least a re-release of the films in theaters once we reach the future.

If you haven’t seen Back to the Future, I suggest you fix that. Your future depends on it.

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