Krista’s Korner – Halloween’s Enemy

Halloween is a great holiday. What’s not awesome about dressing up and shoving candy in your face? Parties? Baked goods? Haunted houses and tours?! But unfortunately, there are things in this world that ruin it. Not only for the children, but the adults as well.

I grew up in California and LDS. Back then my parents weren’t all hating on it and it was a fun holiday. In the LDS world, as well as some other religious groups and communities, there is a thing called Trunk-or-Treat, aka, the lazy way to trick-or-treat. Everyone that wants to be the trunks parks their cars with their trunks formed in a line or a circle, or if you wanna be fancy, a zig-zag. This is a safe way for children to get their sugar and a less painful method for parents (I guess). This was fine for me growing up, because I knew we’d do REAL door-to-door trick-or-treating after. Then I got older and basically my parents guilted me into not going after I was fourteen.

Then I marry and move here. There’s a lot of faiths here, and it’s cool to mingle. But, a lot of them here are of the belief that Halloween is satanic and don’t celebrate. While they don’t celebrate dressing up as cult things and knocking door to door, they gather for a carnival and children still dress up and get candy. They call this “Fall Festival”.

We specifically spent out Halloween at home so we’d be there for trick-or-treaters. Only three showed up. Four counting the pizza guy ( I felt bad he had to work on such an awesome holiday, but he brought nommy pizza). We were robbed a blessed tradition because of the above mentioned. In talking to several friends and family members, they only had one or two kids show up.

Going door to door is becoming a lost art! We must not let this happen! PLEASE! For all that is sweet and tart, encourage your children to go around the neighborhood! The people at home want to see cute costumes and get rid of the candy they just bought.

Do I need to start a petition site and spread the word?!

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