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Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the next in the franchise and is one of the biggest blockbusters full of the summer. Many calling it The Dark Knight of MI. Since I loved Ghost Protocol, and Rogue Nation did its job, I was willing to go into this one believing it could to be compared to one of my favorite movies. It was a tall claim full of hype.

For all that was good in Fallout, there was just as much bad.

It had the advantage of being two years after Rogue Nation in real time and being a direct sequel – Soloman was still a major player and Ilsa was doing well to make amends in the IMF. We get to see what Hunt’s wife has been up to. I’m always down for movies taking place in London and Paris now that I’ve visited them. The action sequences were big and bold as to be expected. Henry Cavill plays arrogant really well, he should get cast as more villains and stay away from Superman. Rebecca Ferguson is also gosh darn pretty. Its poster is also rad.

Even whilst in confinement, Soloman posed a huge threat and source of regret to agent Hunt. Yet, so much time was wasted in a story line with a black market arms dealer. The action sequences are where the money is at, but they went on too long and the good stuff was spoiled in the trailers and opening credits. I was bored by the time the final boss fight hit. The choreography wasn’t clever and engaging like its predecessors. Truly, Cruise continuing to do his own stunts is impressive, and definitely nothing to sneeze at, but it took up too much of the movie. The humor that’s typically present in Mission: Impossible films was flimsy. The characters were self-aware enough to not take things seriously, but the lack of creative quips and visual gags was disappointing. Simon Pegg’s comic relief could hardly be called that.

Yes action films, especially in the Mission: Impossible franchise, exercise ones sense of disbelief, I go in expecting that, but this one was too full of tropes. Almost every extreme action sequence you can think of is done in this films run time. The timer is stopped at the very last second. Blackmail and turned agent. Overused tropes and anecdotes make for a dull and uninspired action flick. That’s probably why I Ghost Protocol remains my favorite – it was directed by Brad Bird, someone who had not done a live-action action film, and it was approached differently, giving it a fresh feel.

Fallout fell out.

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