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So last week the big reveal that Hunger Games fans have waited for happened – Sam Claflin was cast as Finnick. Sigh.

My post today is going to be about movie adaptions from books. Specifically about the characters.

First off, it’s not to say Sam is /unattractive/.  He’s just not Godly Beautiful And Gorgeous and Flawless as he is described in the books. Sam is handsome, but not carved by angels. Ugh, sounds like I’m describing some other creature that ends up not being beautiful on screen… Anyway, Sam does not equal Finnick  in my mind. I’ve thought and thought about it since the books came out and I just can’t picture any specific actor. I hope he surprises, if anything, be decent like Peeta/Josh Hutcherson was and not make me hate him on screen.

While still on Hunger Games, I was disappointed with Cinna. There’s the argument that his ethenicity was never described. But my justification is, is that Rue’s was. So Lenny Kravitz being cast irked me a lot. Lenny did okay, he just wasn’t the Cinna in my mind. Nor in Cori’s mind, and both of our visions are very different. I pictured light brown hair and eyes with the gold eyeliner… somewhat affeminate.

President Snow, however, was spot on what I imagined in my mind. Hammich was sort of there. Katniss wasn’t, but Jennifer Lawrence grew on me.

But the one thing I have to accept overall is that Suzanne Collins was involved a great deal in the movie, and I’m sure she had some say in the casting. So… me complaining isn’t really going to do much for the grand outcome of things. But man I was holding out for Finnick! All I can do is wriggle and squirm and hope there is some transformation when they start filming.


Now for Harry Potter. The main three were fairly close to what I imagined. And obviously they couldn’t completely monitor their looks as they matured and got older with the movies. Alan Rickman was not what I had in mind for Snape, but now I can’t have him any other way. I wanted Lupin to be younger and more worn out looking, and like, handsome. Gary Oldman as Sirus <3

Okay, what I’m about to say may be blasphemous… There was a time I thought Robert Pattinson was cute. When he was cast as Cedric in for The Goblet of Fire I was saddened. There is an illustration of him on the cover, how is that the best they could do!? But then I saw the movie and I became okay with it even though I was still fairly devestated over it. But… due to Twilight and recent events I can’t ever look at him again. He is no longer the decent looking boy he once was – tainted by the Twi-fans in thinking not grooming oneself is hot.


Comic book wise, pages to screen have been amazing. I remember when they were casting Captain America and I wanted Aaron Eckhart to be cast cause he’s beautiful and clean shaven and was such a fantastic patriotic chap in Dark Knight. Then Chris Evans, who I knew only from Fantastic Four, got cast and I wasn’t so sure. Then saw the movie and oh man am I ever okay with it now.

Comic books are iffy since there are so many universes and artist interpretations it’s near impossible to find the perfect. Unless you’re Robert Downey Jr.

I could go on forever about this subject and reveal all my secrets for my other favorite books and what actors I see in my head and voices I hear while reading, but I’d be here until next month doing that. Bottom line is, there’s nothing that can be done about casting book movies. What your vision of a character is differs from person to person, and most importantly, the author and people that have the money to make it a movie. Is it hard? You better believe it! Us avid readers suffer five movie lengths in words for these characters.


What books that have been turned into movies do you readers like the cast choices? Dislike? And performances that changed what your previous judgements were and maybe even replaced what was in your head prior?

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