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Sorry for the long break! I got sick and just couldn’t think and it has taken me a while to get back on top of things again.

Time to review the regrettably unpopular and cancelled treasure that was Selfie.

Eliza (Karen Gillan) is the spitting image of what social media can do on a negative level – no physical social skills, thrives on attention and acceptance of others and refusal to believe they could ever be wrong and achieving fame on the internet is life. She lands a job at a pediatrician pharmaceutical and basically shows up to her first day of work like a hooker.  After speaking with a co-worker, Henry (John Cho), she starts to fear that she’ll never have friends offline and seeks his help as he’s clearly a well-to-do man as the image marketer of the company.

The series is basically a modern take on My Fair Lady and it works on scales of comedy and introspection for the modern age.

Unfortunately, like Trophy Wife, I feel the series was named poorly and that was a turn off for many initial viewers. On top of that, the pilot was actually the weakest episode out of the thirteen episodes. I can understand why viewers wouldn’t continue as the context of the series was laid on incredibly thick. Even I found it a bit much, but I tend to be someone that gives a series at least three episodes to decide if I’ll continue with something. By the third episode I was completely sold – I was laughing far too much. The poor ratings had it taken off air after episode seven and that certainly wasn’t close to any sort of resolution. Thanks to Hulu, I was able to see the remaining six episodes for as complete as this series will be.

It’s a shame that this clever and witty piece was unseen by so many. I found it easy to identify with either personally or knowing people like Eliza. Or Henry, really. It utilized a lot of pop culture to its advantage, cause lets face it, this day and age it’s almost hard to not have it but this embraced it as well as the poking at the addictions of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Like My Fair Lady, it ends up being a romantic comedy – Eliza and Henry end up falling in love with each other, but sadly, it’s never at the same time throughout the duration of the airing of the series, leaving it unresolved. Karen and John have great chemistry on screen, not to mention representing minority. Speaking of, my favorite character was probably Charmonique (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) – the quirky sassy secretary who passive aggressively helps Eliza break into the real world on a girl sort of level. Their boss, Mr. Sapertein (David Harewood) is also a real hoot – at first he’s the stereotypical intimidating boss man, but as the series progresses, he’s actually the biggest dork.

Selfie has a lot of laughs and a lot of heart. I can’t say this would cure anyone of social media obsessions, but possibly therapeutic towards seeing there is more in the world outside and it’s important to interact and live in the world you are born into. Fame isn’t everything. Appreciating real relationships, not the anons and haters. And the best episodes didn’t even air television.

As a lover of romantic comedies and under-appreciated media, I invite you to do yourself a favor and seek this out on Hulu or whatever and marathon it all. Get past the first two episodes and then tell me if you are disappointed.

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