Krista’s Korner – SHOUT!


It’s been a few months; time for new Mamo with his latest single, SHOUT!

Here we have Mamo representing Cardfight!! Vanguard once more with it’s not series G: Stride Gate.

SHOUT! is pretty catchy, though the least anime opening-sounding song that’s come from him in a while. He typically has a staple “anime-sounding” song on all his singles and albums and this one is lacking a bit in that category. Not quite… peppy enough or something. I find myself liking the B-sides more. The music features him at some kind of cage fight and it makes me wonder if this was also shot during his time in California (or even a separate trip). He is reunited once more with STY for collaboration.

Track 2 is “RINNE”. It reminds me a lot of the soft ballad from Orpheus’ single, “Moonlight”. Ballad-esque is also a typical addition to any single and for this one I can easily envision a love confession happening.

Track 3, “Upside Down” is the Anime-sounding (more like a closing) song I was looking for! Definitely something you’d hear for an adventure-type series.
As a whole, it’s a good 3-track single, complementing each other’s different styles. Vocally, it isn’t anything particularly new to his catalog, but generally a fun single for any fan!

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