Krista’s Korner – Show By Rock!!


There are so many animes with exclamation points these days. And it’s not just one, like one doesn’t show enough enthusiasm, it’s TWO!

Here we have another Spring season series as presented by Funimation’s dubcast!

Cyan is a music lover and she really wants to be in a band, but she’s too shy and struggles with making friends. One night while she’s making herself gather the courage to talk to the music club, she’s sucked inside her rhythm game and sent to Tokyo Midi City. She wanders around this new city that is dominated by music and finds herself at a concert and is transformed into a chibified version of herself which she then realizes is a cat. A dark monster starts attacking the band and suddenly a talking, strawberry-shaped guitar materializes in her hands and tells her to play to defeat the evil. Confused, she does so anyway and the monster flees and she returns to a non-chibified cat. After her startling first moments, she’s approached by an egg-shaped man offering her a place in a a female band for his company. A dream come true, she accepts. She meets the girls, all anthropomorphic animals as well, and is accepted into their group and together they write music and form friendships. As the story progresses, the villain that was behind the monster that showed up in the first episode shows himself and they must work together with each other and other bands to take him down.

Show by Rock!! is, at it’s core, /cute/ and /fluffy/. It’s a simplistic plot of believing in your friends and in yourself to overcome doubt and whatnot. Honestly, I was confused as it went on because I was lead to believe it was about a guy band due to what I’ve seen on Tumblr, and then it turned into some moe series. Not bad, just had a bit of backlash. I’m a sucker for music anime, really, so I enjoyed my viewing of it. Although, the guys, Shingan Crimsonz, were the most entertaining part of the series.

The series is based off a Sanrio rhythm game, and there’s been much success in anime adaptions of games, recently. BONES was behind the adaption and that always means high quality production. The animation is pretty, sugary and SPARKLY and the music is really lovely and peppy. Strangely enough I hadn’t been keeping up with the Japanese release as Mamo is in it, and we all know how I love Mamo and his singing. His role is pretty minor, though. Due to timing, Funimation was unable to get all the materials to translate all the music, but come home video release, all the songs will be dubbed into English, and I’ve gotta say; I’m excited for that. The cast is what made this series the most enjoyable for me.

If you’re like me and you’re a fan of Jpop or cute anime, music anime or animal characters, I can easily recommend this series. It’s light 12 episodes and worth looking in to whether you stream it Subbed or Dubbed, though I highly recommend the Dub.

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