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Season two of Space Dandy picks up (well, as much as something episodic can) right after season one. So much so, with the opening still being the same, it’s practically what Western shows do for breaks, really.

And I’ve gotta say, its first episode kicked off the season to be a big step up from the first one. Not that season one was bad, obviously, there just seemed to be stronger episodes by way of humor, comfort in knowing its direction, and some sentimental value. With Space Dandy’s planned rotation of directors and animators, a new pool brought in some great results.

Going back to the first episode, which is definitely of mine and several other’s favorite, Dandy pulls on a stray hair and it sends them dimension hopping and the crew encounters several versions of themselves and eventually they all end up crowded on the Aloha Oe.

Another notable episode is the High School Musical/Grease inspired episode where Dandy transfers into a prestigious high school to search for a rare alien and the student body all participate in musical numbers. Dandy helps an ordinary girl go to the prom and frees everyone from the Queen Bee with a song and dance off. I’ve watched this episode in both languages and I’ve gotta say the singing is amazing for both! Not to mention the great dancing animation (for the most part).

The episode that we were able to see with the English and Japanese staff at AnimeFEST was also a music episode, though focusing more on forming a band. Dandy and a space alien named Johnny (voice by Johnny Yong Bosch!) form a band together and inadvertently stop a war between two empires with the first and last concert. Johnny is revealed to be a prince of one of the empires, much to Dandy’s ignorance. Strangely enough, this episode is of the only ones of continuity. And hey, we get more Ian Sinclair vocals!

Honey, the supposed bimbo from Boobies, is in actuality a half-Cloudian, an alien race that seduces people to store their memories. While she doesn’t use that particular gift, the fact that she isn’t what she seems is awesome!

Speaking of unexpected, though not completely… Scarlet, the Alien Registration Bureau lady that Dandy often works for enlists his help to protect her from an ex. He questions why and she says cause there’s no way she’d fall in love with him. Well, we all that’s not going to be the case. The episode progresses of them going on several dates and starting out well and then ending in failure. The imperfections and a kiss to ward off the ex, there’s definitely some love there. Due to the nature of this anime, they don’t end up together, (and the last scene of the episode is super frustrating!) but at least their meetings are more sweet and pleasant.

But that isn’t the end of Dandy’s love stories. An old flame finds Dandy, and she’s a disembodied heart in a tesseract cube from the fourth dimension. She comes to him asking for help as the guy she ditched Dandy for is trying to merge the 3rd dimension with his. This episode reveals a much more serious and sentimental Dandy as well as an intelligent side.

There’s two episodes I would categorize as weird to the extent I can’t even tell what was trying to happen, while others were just quiet and serene ones with Dandy on his own and tons and tons of gorgeous art.

I will not ruin the ending for you because I feel that it would ruin the “Ah-Hah!” moment even if you suspected it earlier on as the plot reveals itself. The short non-spoilery way of saying it is: Dandy himself is important to the universe and every episode, while episodic, has meaning.

Season two is still another 12 episodes of hilarity and odd ends with a dash of profoundness and I will continue to tell people to not give up on it so easily.
Funimation today unveiled that it and Amazon’s limited edition collector sets for season one will be released in February! I’m super excited and can’t wait to add it to my collection.


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