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If you are any sort of movie fanatic or have spent a great deal on the internet in the last few months, you’ll know that Wednesday was October 21st 2015 – the day Doc Brown takes Marty to the future to prevent his what causes his children to wind up in prison. It may seem insignificant to some degree, but in Back to the Future Part 2, this future has a lot of innovative things that back in the 80s would have been impossible. And for the last 30 years, the world has, in a way, used the film to advance technology and now that the day is upon us, I’m pleased to say some things have come to pass:

  • Self-lacing shoes – Should be publically available next year. First pair was given to Michael J. Fox.
  • Hoverboards – Not publically available.
  • Flying cars – In test mode, still.
  • Phone Glasses – Yes, but we decided they were awful.
  • Dehydrated Food – Yes, but very nasty. Needs improvement.
  • 3D Movies – Yep, and most theaters have 3D as an option.
  • Video Conferences – Yep! Google Talk and Skype.
  • Tablets – Yep!
  • Drones – Yep!
  • Cubs winning the world series? They made it to the playoffs, unfortunately they did not win.
  • Pepsi Perfect was limitedly available and went for $25 a bottle.

It’s enough to wonder if Robert Zemeckis predicted all of this or the world saw the film and was inspired and wanted to see it come to pass. Whatever the reason, the future is now here and it’s a little depressing.

Why is it depressing? Well, we’ve all been waiting for this day to come and now I don’t have a huge date to look forward to. The only future movies that have yet to come to pass are dystopians and I really don’t want that. Somehow in the last fifteen years or so, our society has become obsessed with a bleak future and that makes me very sad. BTTF wasn’t a perfect/happy future, but it was definitely positive and filled with progression (not so much on the fashion side, but ehhh). If there is a movie or a book I’m not thinking of, please say so in the comments to save myself from sads.

Also, what did you do to celebrate this momentous day in geeky history? Zach and I popped in Part two in the background. And then on Thursday, Zach picked up USA Today’s special version of the paper. On Friday we went to Alamo Drafthouse for their Quote-Along. We went to the first one a year ago (and a few other movies) and they are always fun with props and pre-shows and the nerd and proud quote along with the movie (although only certain lines have subtitles.) Oh, and I got a shirt to commemorate the date.

IMG_20151023_193828789 IMG_20151023_214726542 IMG_20151023_225437194 IMG_20151022_192501918



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