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With all the TV News we do, we’re used to seeing many series come and go; being for low ratings after a few episodes to a full season, or seemingly no reason at all. There’s been few times where a cancellation has affected me, personally (Alcatraz and Batman: The Brave and the Bold are the ones that come to mind), but that’s probably due to me not watching a lot of TV and not caring to keep.

So of course of the three series Zach and I watched on ABC Tuesday evenings, one of them will not be getting renewed. That series is Trophy Wife.

The reason behind why is a mystery. With the established popularity of family centric sitcoms, you’d think it would have found a place amongst those that are still currently airing (Modern Family, The Middle, Last Man standing, etc). Heck, even The Goldbergs got renewed (not complaining in the least). But why not Trophy Wife? Let’s talk.

Could it possibly be the negative connotation that comes with “Trophy” wife? While Kate (Malin Akerman) is more than ten years younger than Pete (Bradley Whitford), the husband who is now on his third marriage with her, the two of them are very much in love that isn’t only based on looks, wealth or status. With Kate being much younger than her new husband, the other divorced wives of course find her a gold digger and Pete to be desperate. On the contrary as stated, they do love each other, and Kate genuinely is excited to be a wife and mother to the few step-children she then gets.

One thing I do admire about the series is how it approaches split families. Eventually the three wives become friends, but at first they are at odds and only deal with one another when they have to. Yet, they are always together. It’s mostly for the kids sake, but there are many episodes where they are over at each other’s house for one reason or another. There’s even times Pete pairs off with an ex-wife with their child for quality time. The three children even hang out on a consistent basis.

For me, I usually see divorce treated as something so negative and the exes want nothing to do with another, even if one has custody of the children, let alone associate with the new wife. But this series made the separation a mutual decision for the better of the partner and children, but still establishes a fairly healthy relationship with all.

Okay. So if it’s not that title, what else is there? I suppose the content goes a little more adult, but there are some Modern Family episodes that delve into sexual relations (The Gay couple aside). And even then, it’s usually spoken, not shown. Maybe it’s the drug usage? Kate’s best friend Meg (Natalie Morales) is a basically a stoner. Jackie could even be in question. But actual use and talk? Very minimal. Wait, there was the Christmas episode they all got accidentally wasted… Okay, when it happens it’s for humor only.

Could it just be that the Family Sitcom has become over-saturated? People watched the first two episodes and couldn’t connect or see what made it different than anything else? I’m not here to say one series is better than another, but I don’t understand how more people couldn’t latch on to Trophy Wife.

To me, I felt their situations were real and believable. Sure, they were played up and exaggerated for humor sake, as are most things. Kate is the eager new mother with a good head on her shoulders. The first wife, Diane (Marcia Gay Harden), is the perfectionist surgeon that is blunt and rude under her cool as a cucumber countenance. Jackie (Michaela Watkins) is the second wife flaky, flamboyant hippie that is always in everyone’s business. The funniest thing is is how different the three women are and Pete married them all. The children also have their own personalities – Hilary, Pete and Diane’s eldest daughter, takes after her mother, but does strive to have a little more tact. Warren, their son, is naive and somehow sheltered. Bert is Pete and Jackie’s adoptive son from China and is the youngest and tends to cause the most problems with his curiosity. Episodes revolve around Kate wanting to fit in with the lives of her new children and befriend the other mothers and usually turn into a disaster until things come full circle, there’s an understanding and resolution.

See what I mean? How is Trophy Wife’s recipe any different for a successful sitcom that’s already out there and people love?

If anybody can tell me, I would be most grateful.

In conclusion, we at My Geek Confessions are sad to see Trophy Wife go. Every episode had us laughing or face-palming at the character’s plights. The chemistry of the cast was such a joy. We’ll miss Pete’s dry humor and outlook on his life. The “Jackie, no” moments. Diane’s icy passive aggressiveness. The kids humorous antics with their parents. Kate’s enthusiasm.

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