Long, Overdue Apology

I’m sure many of you have noticed the lack of content since the latter parts of 2016. Zach and I were in the house hunting process, and I’m sure it goes without saying that then can be a very hectic time! Then it was the holidays. And then it was packing and actually moving. Once we were in the house, it has been unpacking and house maintenance. And add on top of that, us both working!

It’s been a really busy time, and we apologize for the silence. We still have some audio interviews to get out to all of you. I’ll be covering our time at Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve and reviewing the movies we’ve seen in 2017 thus far. I’ll get too far behind if I backtrack too much!

That said, we will resume a normal-ish schedule after we return from our trip to England in the middle of April.

Thank you for your patience!

long, overdue apology

Zach Edit: I wanted to add onto this because this does go back a bit farther. We were forced to move just before summer from our apartment. We had tried to get a house but weren’t able to get one in time so we moved into another apartment temporarily, then began our house hunting again. That was also when our days jobs (especially mine) began to require more time that left us with more time for the site even with our temporary living situation.

As the holidays hit, it was also when we finally were able to find a house that was a fixer upper, had to move during the holidays themselves, and put more focus into the house to make it more livable. Trying to do a lot of that on our own has eaten away even the precious time we did have, especially my own.

We are trying to catch up and get back into the groove so forgive our strange posts and delays as we try to get back on track and providing even more great content. Thanks for staying with us and we will do better!

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