My Geek Confessions #13 – 06/08/2012

Welcome to our episode for June 08, 2012! Cori is back from the dead and supposedly not causing a zombie uprising. This week is somewhat depressing because of lots of deaths and some bad news but we try to make the most of it. Be sure to subscribe to us in iTunes, and give us a review. Comment here to show us you care! And by all means, feel free to donate to us!

First video we have this week is a Prometheus/Coors Light Commercial. WHY DOES THIS EXIST?!

I grew up with Mr. Rogers, so this was a little weird. But this is an official video from PBS. Though I have to say it’s not bad.

Cori loves The Bachelor for some reason but Yahoo! with Ben Stiller have actually made a really funny series that spoofs the show and has several major stars in it. The first episode is embedded below, and the rest of the series can be watched here. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

This is probably my favorite video of the week. Please stop making Vertical Videos! To prevent old Mila Kunis!
A couple weeks ago we had a very strange “viral” video with Michael Fassbender as the android David. This is a very funny Talk Soup parody of that video with Joel McHale as a slightly more stupid android.
Alright, The Arrow keeps looking better and better and here is an extended trailer. The only thing that concerns me is the choice of music at the end but it is the CW so I guess that’s to be expected.
Disney Animation finally released a trailer for Wreak-It Ralph and it actually really really. The trailer has tons and tons of cameos from other games and it looks like it might be the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? of the video game world.
Here is a compilation of the YouTube hit Italian Spider-man assembled into one. There are even some internet memes from this that I didn’t even know about.
Cori decided that she wanted to share this particular video with me to taunt me, so I’ve included it in the show notes to pass that all on to you.
We’ll have a full report of E3 next week with Krista, but so far Nintendo thinks that Americans are stupid gamers. I am not looking forward to the WiiU now.

Box Office

Box Office Mojo for June 1-3, 2012

In Theaters – June 08, 2012

New Releases for June 05, 2012

Movie News

STYNKWAFAWATS*: Prometheus Beer, Transformers 4, Etc.

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, 1920-2012

You’re Going to Have Assemble a Great Deal of Cash for the Avengers Ultimate Blu-Ray Set

Holy @#$%, George Lucas Is Actually Retiring

‘A Christmas Story’ aims to open on Broadway

Remains of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre found

Elvis Presley joins Tupac in hologram likeness

Actress Amanda Bynes pleads not guilty in DUI case

Laughs: A part of the game for ‘Feud’ host Dawson

Winners from the MTV Movie Awards

‘Housewives’ actress Kathryn Joosten dies at 72

Oprah Winfrey launches ‘Oprah’s Book Club 2.0’

‘Gumby’ voice-over star Dick Beals dies at 85

TV News

Has Andrew Lloyd Webber got ‘The X Factor’?

Disney’s new diet for kids: No more junk food ads

Judge: ‘Happy Days’ cast may be owed DVD royalties

Woman on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ gets 5 years in prison

New TV series awards bunker to winning survivalist

‘Spartacus’ to end revolutionary run next season

Andy Samberg leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’

Cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ back for 6th season

Dan Aykroyd joins HBO Liberace biopic, TNT schedules ‘Dallas’ webisodes and more

‘The L.A. Complex’ Season 2 returns July 17 and more CW summer premiere dates

Jerry O’Connell is Herman Munster; ‘Game of Thrones’ finale up 40% over Season 1 finale

Kevin Williamson’s ‘Scream’ to become an MTV series: Would you hang out in Woodsboro every week?

Talk Nerdy to Me

Goddammit, Avengers: EMH Really Is Canceled

Warner Bros. Tries to Make a Justice League Movie, Take 47

Now Here’s an Iron Man 3 Set Pic That’s Worth a Damn

Nintendo’s New MiiVerse Is Apparently a Terrible Place to Be


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