My Geek Confessions #162 – 07/31/2015

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Welcome to our episode for July 31, 2015!

This week we review before it’s release The Man from U.N.C.L.E., talk about the potential loss of the “Happy Birthday” copyright, Key & Peele ending after this season, and no goatee for Stephen Amell.

Then in Talk Nerdy to Me, there’s Boruto movie release cities, Disney releasing an incomplete “Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki,”  and Funimation announces some new licenses at Otakon and much more!

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“My Geek Confessions – Watching Bad Movies, So You Don’t Have To!”

  • Sadly, the original voice of Woodhouse on Archer, George Coe (among many other roles), passed away this last week. To honor him in only a way that Archer can, FX released this highlight reel of some Woodhouse’s appearances.
  • Here’s another trailer for the strange LEGO Dimensions video game that will be a mega mashup of MANY different franchises including the LEGO movie, Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Batman and many others as various dimensions collide and the various heroes must fight to stop it before nothing is left. Really because of this being LEGO and with the humor, we’re really excited for how this turns out.
  • The guys over at Cinefix have come back again with another “Sweded” low budget shot-for-shot remake of one of the Ant-Man trailers, that we have to admit is pretty good. From how they handle all the shrinking and re-enlarging to varying some of the strange shots and still making it look silly, it’s definitely one to check out.
  • Sadly we don’t have a release date here in the United States on this film, but it already is the biggest movie ever in China. It’s called Monster Hunt and it looks to be a fun mix of comedy, monsters, martial arts, and much more. The trailer is already subtitled so check it out. When we hear that it’s getting an US release, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.
  • We knew that the next Tremors was on its way and being filmed in South Africa, but finally the trailer is here for Tremors 5 with Burt (really the best one of the franchise anyway) back to fight the graboids.
  • We talked about the upcoming Gakuen Handsome anime that is on its way, but we didn’t include the trailer here because of the lack of subtitles. Well this week we have the entire opening for Gakuen Handsome: The Animation and while it’s not subtitled, it really doesn’t have to be. Just sit back and enjoy the crazy and the SUPER pointy chins.
  • The guys over at Screen Junkies are back again with a couple new Honest Trailers. The first is for ALL the Mission Impossible movies, which I didn’t realize were basically the same plot and had the same use of Scooby-Doo type masks and various shots of Tom Cruise running long distances. The second Honest trailer is one we have mixed feelings about, because honestly we both enjoy the Super Mario Bros. movie as a bad over the top B movie. But let us know what you think of both in the comments.
  • We don’t often include Anime Music Videos (or AMVs for short) but this one was making the rounds around the internet and was too good to pass up. Anime’s Got Talent by AmvLuna won several awards at Japan Expo 2015 and combines a huge amount of various anime into one video in a fantastic way. We’re not even fans of America’s Got Talent but if this show existed we’d totally be on board. It’s incredibly well done!

Box Office

Box Office Mojo for July 24 – 26, 2015

In Theaters – July 31, 2015

New Releases for July 28, 2015

Movie News

Filmmakers fighting “Happy Birthday” copyright find their “smoking gun”

“Happy Birthday” Lawsuit: “Smoking Gun” Emerges in Bid to Free World’s Most Popular Song

Zayn Malik left One Direction to make ‘real music,’ signs with RCA

Tom Cruise announces sixth ‘Mission: Impossible’ film

What On Earth Could Make Channing Tatum Leave Gambit?

Chris Pine Joins the Wonder Woman Movie as Dude-in-Distress Steve Trevor

TV News

Andy Richter responds to ‘Conan’ copyright lawsuit with sassy tweets

‘The Wiz Live!’ casts Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige

No Green Arrow goatee for Stephen Amell

‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Season 2: More about Demi Lovato’s role

Comedy Central’s ‘Key & Peele’ will end after current season

FX Releases Hilarious Tribute To Archer Voice Actor George Coe

Talk Nerdy to Me

Lego Dimensions Confirms Midway Arcade License, Shows New Story Trailer

A New Avengers Manga Sees Zombies Attack… Tony Stark’s Birthday Party?

Watch the Crazy Trailer For the Biggest Film in Chinese History

You’ve Got Graboids: The First Trailer for Tremors 5: Bloodlines

Mark Hamill Will Voice the Joker One More Time for The Killing Joke Film

Boruto: Naruto the Movie to Play in Over 80 U.S. Cities

Gakuen Handsome OVA’s Opening Video Streamed

Disney to Release ‘Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki’ Blu-ray Set

Speed Racer, PSYCHO-PASS: The Movie, Ghost in the Shell: The Movie, Assassination Classroom 2, and More — Announced at Otakon 2015!


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