My Geek Confessions #17 – Special Guest Melissa Douglas!

Welcome to My Geek Confessions #17 with our special guest Melissa Douglas! Or as others might know her on the internet Gabapple!

She has her own Web Comic called Dangerous Cute and recently reached the milestone of 100 comics! She’s previously been a guest on Webertainment Weekly and continues to support My Geek Confessions in many ways. Thanks for all that you do.

In her own words:

Melissa Douglas is a web developer by day, writer/illustrator/singer/web comic artist by night. She went to school for animation, but ended up spending equal amounts of time in the Art, English, and Humanities buildings. Once described as “the antithesis” of herself, Melissa appears to find cute and violent things equally appealing. Her favorite things to draw are animals, and she would be the happiest writing and illustrating Aesop-inspired picture books with spin off merchandise that she could design.

In this episode we talk all about Melissa’s comic, her motivation, her 100th strip, her technique, and how she comes up with her comic ideas.

She recently had her work featured at and made a rabbit version of Jessica Rabbit.

If you’d like to see more of Melissa’s work you can check her out at the following links.

If you’d like to meet Melissa in person she was have art tables at the following conventions this year. (In order of appearance.)
Melissa would also like to thank (and plug) some of the Web Comics that have given her inspiration.
Melissa also brought up and wanted mentioned In her own words:
Also, — amazing resource because they are writers and one of them does a web comic. In one episode, Brandon Sanderson praised Howard Tayler for ALWAYS being on time, NEVER taking breaks, and never using guest strips. This had a huge impact on me.
Congrats to Melissa and good luck on the next 100 strips!

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