My Geek Confessions #2 – Special Guest Warky T. Chocobo!

My Geek Confessions #2 – In a special episode of the podcast we have an interview with our first guest (for this show and most returning if including Webertainment Weekly) Steve Nuñez aka Warky T. Chocobo!

Warky is a man of many talents and with many things going on. First we talk about his work on “They Might Be Elders” that makes Mormon parody music with a clip of his new single.

Check out for more info. His albums are sold at many local Utah bookstores and at all his convention appearances. They are now also sold online so you can get his music anywhere!

They Might Be Elders – Unabridged Translation is available at CD Baby or on Unabridged Translation - They Might Be Elders as well as his first album on They Might Be Elders - Haleyeah Records

His new Single – P-Day is available also available on CD Baby or on P-Day - Single - They Might Be Elders

Below is his newest music video for They Might Be Elders – “Mormonizer”

 Update: Warky has now posted the “P-Day” music video – PS…watch the credits.

Thine Enemy's Eyes
Thine Enemy’s Eyes – Another audio book project that Warky has been working on, you can read the book before the audio version is released.

Never one to rest, Warky has also been helping with the Audio book of the McSterlingScenes. You can visit for more info, or if you just want to pick up the written version you can here.

The McSterlingScenes: A treasured compilation from the collection of the Master

Last but not least, Warky T. Chocobo (Steve) wants to be your friend, so please like his Facebook pages at

or visit him in person at some of these cons, though this is an incomplete list here.

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