My Geek Confessions #24 – 08/17/2012

Welcome to our episode for August 17, 2012! Krista is in the house and reveling in the geekiness. We have another Badman video and one all about maniacal laughs.

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I know that I like to imitate evil laughs before and now we have them all (okay not all but a lot) in one video. In the actual video you can see a list of all the different movies they were fun. Definitely that fun to watch and listen to. *Maniacal Laugh*

PBS is at it again, and has another auto-tuned video just in time for Julia Child’s birthday. In my opinion not quite as strong as the previous ones but still fun none the less.

We had Synchronized Swimming at the Olympics with Avatar: The Last Airbender Music. Literal Waterbending!

I’ve loved College Humor’s Badman series of Batman misadventures from the Nolan movies. This time we have Batman going up against Scarecrow. Who knew that his greatest fear was Girl Scouts!?

Box Office

Box Office Mojo for August 10 – 12, 2012

In Theaters – August 17, 2012

New Releases for August 14, 2012

Movie News

Downey hurt on `Iron Man 3′ set; filming on hold

Hugh Jackman confirms The Wolverine is standalone film not a sequel and won’t be ‘overloaded’ with mutants

Stewart’s role uncertain in ‘Snow White’ plans

Actress Mayim Bialik injured in LA car accident

Italian special effects master Rambaldi dies at 86

TV News

Gene Simmons’ A&E reality show gets kiss-off 

AP source: Michael J. Fox returning to series TV 

‘Price is Right’ looking for the right male model

Shatner’s Negotiator back in new Priceline TV spot

Ron Palillo, of ‘Welcome Back, Kotter,’ dies at 63

Injuries force Chenoweth to exit CBS’ ‘Good Wife’

Oh, God, NBC Is Trying to Make a Superhero Show Again

The CW’s Arrow Still Isn’t Green, But It Did Just Get More John Barrowman-y

‘Last Man Standing’: Nick Jonas replaced by Jordan Masterson

Abby Elliott is leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’ too

‘Law & Order: SVU’ books ‘Criminal Intent’ star Kathryn Erbe

Ryan Lochte to cameo on ‘90210’ in October, jeah!

PBS auto-tunes Julia Child for her 100th birthday

CNN might add reality TV to its programming schedule

‘Scrubs’ reunion planned on ‘The Exes,’ Hilary Duff returning to TV

‘Stars Earn Stripes’: Desmond Tutu, eight other Nobel Peace Laureates want the show pulled

NBC orders pilot for Cleopatra fantasy drama

Victoria Justice’s ‘Victorious’ canceled by Nickelodeon 

Talk Nerdy to Me

Raiders of the Lost Ark Getting re-released in IMAX

Man cave, sexting among 100 dictionary newcomers

Guardians of the Galaxy plot synopsis reveals new character details

Daredevil Slinks Shamefacedly Back to Marvel

Alan Moore says he turned down $2M to endorse Watchmen prequels

Matt Smith’s Doctor Is In for the Foreseeable Future

Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads

Airbender at the Olympics

Joe Kubert Dies at 85; Influential Comic-Book Artist


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