My Geek Confessions #36 – 11/09/2012

Welcome to our episode for November 09, 2012!

We have both Cori and Krista to complete our alliteration of hosts this week. This week, we continue with the effects of Superstorm Sandy on entertainment and what’s good and bad, have news that will effect Cartoon Network, a TV show from our childhoods is getting a sequel, and DC finally does a good PR stunt.

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“My Geek Confessions – Watching Bad Movies, So You Don’t Have To!”

First off we have the teaser trailer for World War Z. They delayed it, rewrote, and reshot things just for this? I’m worried what the original was like! This has running zombies, fluid zombie, and climbing ant zombies? Basically World War Z in name only.

The Honest Trailers keep rolling on in, and here we have another great one for Amazing Spider-man. So much truth in just a few short minutes.

Apparently a little while ago, Conan O’Brian and Andy Richter went in to record a few lines for the new Halo 4 that was coming out (He’s previously done this for Young Justice) but this time they actually made it into the final product.

Speaking of Halo 4, we have a great parody cover of Glad You Came talking about Master Chief.

Now one of the coolest things that I’m surprised I haven’t seen before, we have two guys fighting each other with Tesla Coils, while using things that look like they belong from American Gladiators.  It’s super cool.

And here we got a great video called Dragon Baby. It’s a baby doing martial arts moves to fight off a stuffed animal. I also include it because it’s by the same guy who did Iron Baby a couple years ago. (I’m assuming he’s had other kids as this can’t be the same kid.)

Here we have a guy who plays and conducts himself in the themes of lots of different video games, all while looking like Mario.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, you’ll want to check out the new series Bravest Warriors. It’s just as silly and weird as Adventure Time but on YouTube only for the time being. Give it a look. It’s about time travel and paradoxes and is just plain weird.

Box Office

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In Theaters – November 09, 2012

New Releases for November 06, 2012

Movie News

Life’s a Happy Song Because Muppets 2 Is On the Way

Jermaine Jackson petitions to alter famous name

TV News

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Will Probably Move From Cartoon Network to Disney XD

Biden to appear on NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’

Mom of ‘Modern Family’ teen star accused of abuse

ABC raises nearly $17 million for hurricane relief

‘Elementary’ gets key post-Super Bowl slot

‘The Killing’ might get a third season after all

‘Doctor Who’: Neil Gaiman, Cybermen to return in 2013

Martha Stewart producing a sitcom about Martha Stewart

‘Boy Meets World’ sequel ‘Girl Meets World’ casting now: Meet Riley and Maya, the new Cory and Shawn

‘NCIS: LA’ spinoff in works at CBS to launch later this season

‘666 Park Avenue’ sets heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy

‘Mythbusters’ is doing a ‘Breaking Bad’-themed episode

Talk Nerdy to Me

Meet the Two Most Sensible People in the Halo Universe

Beware the Batman Is Going to Star Dum Dum Duggan, Apparently

NYC astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has “found” Superman’s home planet

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