My Geek Confessions #5 – 04/13/2012

Welcome to our episode for April 13, 2012! On today’s episode we have guest host Krista helping out once again as we delve into the depths of entertainment news.

The first video is one that looks like it will be a very interesting documentary about those who work in voice over. If you have ANY interest in cartoons or voice-over, this is one that you will want to keep an eye out for. No release date is set yet unfortunately.

Update: Since we originally posted this episode, I Know That Voice has released on video and is also on Netflix.

If you are looking for a film similar to this and interested in anime, I highly recommend Adventures in Voice Acting

Adventures in Voice Acting

If you are a fan of Tron, the next chapter that we’ve been waiting for is Tron: Uprising. Now we finally get at least a glimpse of the new show as well as a date of sometime in June of when it’s going to be released.

Finally, we have a video that’s a pretty good spoof mashup of two AMC shows, Mad Men and The Walking Dead. If you are a fan of either you’ll probably get a kick out of it.

Box Office

Box Office Mojo for April 06 – 08, 2012

In Theaters – April 13, 2012

DVD/Blu-Ray Releases for April 10, 2012

Movie News

Sabrina the Teenage Witch getting a movie, and a superhero reboot

X-Men sequel moved to accommodate Hunger Games sequel (which now might need a new director)

J.K. Rowling’s next book: ‘The Casual Vacancy’

DC’s historic Howard Theatre opens new chapter

Axl Rose declines induction into Rock Hall

‘Battleship’ leads attack of game-based movies

Director Gary Ross says no to `Catching Fire’

Lucas empire strikes back in Calif. studio battle

‘Lion King’ is Broadway’s all-time box office king

Jolie’s wicked turn in ‘Maleficent’ gets 2014 date

Popular painter Thomas Kinkade dies in Calif.

TV News

ABC sticks by ‘General Hospital’ not ‘Revolution’

‘Simpsons’ creator: Ore. town inspired Springfield

Mike Wallace, `60 Minutes’ interrogator, dies

Matt Lauer tells viewers he’s staying at ‘Today’

‘Revenge’ knockoffs and family sitcoms: TV you may be watching next season

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson team up for ‘True Detective’ TV series

Robert Kirkman developing ‘Thief of Thieves’ for AMC

‘Game of Thrones’ gets Season 3 renewal

CW summer shows ‘The Catalina,’ ‘Breaking Pointe’ get premiere dates

‘Glee,’ ‘New Girl,’ ‘Raising Hope’ renewed by FOX

Talk Nerdy to Me

Stunning Avengers art T-shirts will make your torso twice as heroic

BREAKING: Marvel’s Spider-Men Event Is About Two Spider-Mans

‘Torchwood’ Season 5 Won’t Air For ‘A While’

Kingsley in talks for ‘Iron Man 3’ villain

Disney Is (Probably) Making a(n Animated) Marvel Movie (in 2014 or So)

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