My Geek Confessions #83 – Anime North Texas 2013 Special!

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Welcome to our episode for Anime North Texas 2013!

We had a lot of fun while at the con and we were able to score some great interviews. So a big thanks to our guests and to Anime North Texas for letting us attend and allowing the interviews. We were able to sit down with Kristen McGuire, Whitney Rodgers, and Scott Freeman.  For more info on them, and links to some of their stuff, check the full show notes. Check out Krista’s thoughts on the convention.

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“My Geek Confessions – Watching Bad Movies, So You Don’t Have To!”

Our first interview with the fabulous Kristen McGuire and Whitney Rodgers (trust me, their interviews were very funny). Whitney wasn’t even officially at the convention as a guest so a big thanks to her for still coming on the show. She’s our first secret guest!

Picture of Kristen McGuire
Kristen McGuire, as it says on her business card (which I think is funny), is a “Future Famous Artist & Voice Actress” even though she’s well on her way. She’s been self publishing comics for years, touring the convention circuit, before also winding up as a voice actress for FUNimation as well. Kristen is still kind of new so a lot of her projects are still under NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), but it’s a pleasure to have her on before her “future” becomes “present.” If you want to check out more of her comics and voice roles, you can at her website, and like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. And we’ve included some links to her comics on Kindle.

Enchanted - Chapter 1

Enchanted – Chapter 1

A Day in the Life of a Cat Girl

A Day in the Life of a Cat Girl

I Wish I Were Blue

I Wish I Were Blue

We were even able to have Kristen draw us Shojo style! (Krista already posted these in here review as well)


Headshot of Whitney Rodgers

Whitney Rodgers is also fairly new to the voice acting side of things, but is no stranger to the stage or screen. Whitney is the voice of Yozora in Haganai but has been doing other characters for FUNimation as well. Currently, she’s also the spokesperson for Dallas Maids. Aside from being our secret guest, she’s also under some NDAs for some of her other upcoming roles. We thank you very much for joining us and we’ll be sure to keep a look out for more roles for her in the future. You can like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

A picture of Scott Freeman
Note: Scott Freeman is not Max Headroom. People sadly probably won’t get the reference.

Scott Freeman is another voice actor for both anime and video games. One of the roles he’s probably best known for is England in Hetalia, as well as Yuuji from Baka and Test, and many others. He’s also voiced roles in several video games such as Borderlands 2, Dragon Age, and others. Check out his IMDB page for more info. You can friend him on Facebook as well.

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