My Geek Confessions #86 – 12/13/2013

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Welcome to our episode for December 13, 2013!

The action is heating up once again as we have a ton of news this week. Both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards announce their nominations. We have new trailers from Tom Cruise, the Wachowskis’, and the new Godzilla. We’ll have more musicals on NBC,  and Bob Barker returns to Price is Right for his 90th Birthday.

Then in Talk Nerdy to Me, Batman Beyond is finally going to be canon in the DC New 52, Netflix is getting into the anime game, Disney plans for the children of heroes and villains to go to school, and Spider-man is making an appearance at Times Square on New Years Eve.

It’s another video heavy episode, so we apologize in advance.

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“My Geek Confessions – Watching Bad Movies, So You Don’t Have To!”

This is the new trailer for the new Tom Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow. I have to say I’m interested in it, especially with Emily Blunt playing the bad-ass solder/mentor.

The Wachowskis’ released the first trailer for their new movie Jupiter Ascending. I’m conflicted on this one as the concept (rough, though it is since it’s not clear in the trailer itself) is interesting and has Mila Kunis, but on the same time it’s by the Wachowshis’ and stars Channing Tatum (which is enough to tank a movie for us).

Next up is the first trailer the new American made Godzilla. While it looks great, there is no clues as to what the plot of the movie will actually other then Godzilla shows up and breaks things. I’m just hoping it’s more like Pacific Rim and less like Cloverfield.

Here is a fun homemade, shot for shot remake of the Family Guy opening. It’s low budget feel just adds to it’s charm.

Sesame Street is on a roll with it’s parodies, and Cookie Monster is back as he teaches patience while parodying Lord of the Rings.

Lastly, we have another trailer for Kiki’s Delivery Service. I know a lot of people complain about it not being as good as the Miyazaki version of it, but the novels have it set in Japan originally so this might actually be truer to the novels.

Box Office

Box Office Mojo for December 06 – 08, 2013

In Theaters – December 13, 2013

New Releases for December 10, 2013

Movie News

List of nominees for 71st Golden Globe Awards

Weinsteins sue Warner Bros. over ‘Hobbit’ profits

Nominees at 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Musical of film ‘Bull Durham’ eyes Atlanta bow

Fran Drescher heading to Broadway’s ‘Cinderella’

Johnny Depp will give birth to a machine god in Transcendence

The World War Z sequel has a director, because life’s not fair

TV News

CBS orders miniseries based on ‘The Dovekeepers’

MTV declares Miley Cyrus its artist of the year

‘This vs. That’ creator claims Discovery and ‘Mythbusters’ stole his show

‘The Price Is Right’: Bob Barker celebrates his 90th birthday with game show return

FX picks up ‘Tyrant’ to series; ‘Homeland’ producers’ drama set for summer 2014

‘Arrow’: Robert Knepper cast as bad guy ‘Clock King’

NBC to re-air ‘Sound of Music Live!,’ won’t change title to ‘Sound of Music Taped!’

‘Sean Saves the World’ sets ‘Will & Grace’ reunion with Megan Mullally guest appearance – Skipped link. Sorry!

MTV cancels ‘Teen Mom 3’

NBC planning another live musical after ‘Sound of Music’ success

Rosemary’s Baby will be rebooted as a NBC miniseries

Talk Nerdy to Me

DC readies weekly series, ‘Futures End’ for spring

Netflix to Stream Knights of Sidonia Anime in Summer 2014 

Disney Villains High School

Sesame Street’s Lord of the Rings parody was, in a word, precious

Spider-Man’s made his plans for New Year’s Eve – Another skipped link!

The live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service trailer fails to deliver

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