My Geek Confessions #91 – 01/31/2014

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Welcome to our episode for January 31, 2013!

Sadly Cori is out but due to technical reasons more than anything. This week we talk about the trailer for the new Terry Gilliam movie, Anna Kendrick’s not really Super Bowl ad, and more characters on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Then in Talk Nerdy to Me, we have a Thor 2 deleted scene with Tom Hiddleston, a Frozen parody, and a great “Behind the Bricks” for the LEGO movie.

It’s a video heavy episode, so we apologize in advance.

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“My Geek Confessions – Watching Bad Movies, So You Don’t Have To!”

This is the trailer for the newest movie by the same director who made Time Bandits, Brazil, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and other super weird movies. This one is Zero Theorem and is sure to be just as trippy as the others.

We’re saving Super Bowl commercials for next week, but since this one is purposefully making fun of NOT being in the Super Bowl, it’s included here. Anna Kendrick is really disappointed that her commercial isn’t in the Super Bowl.

Sadly, I’m too old for when the original COSMOS by Carl Sagan, but I’m really looking forward to the new version. But now we have a brand new commercial promoting it before it premieres on FOX on March 09!

The last installment (or so they say) of The Greatest Moment in Television History is finally here, and now you can watch the entire thing as they recreate (again masterfully in my opinion) the opening for Bosom Buddies.

Bill Hader does some amazing Star Wars impressions on his latest visit to Conan. His impressions are probably better than the movie will be.

If you want something scary and reason to buy a type of car, then this ad from Subaru as they use the car to escape the Titans from Attack on Titan, then this commercial will certainly do it. If the Titans look like this in the Live Action movie, then it’s time to head for the hills!

In Thor: The Dark World there was a great cameo from Captain America. But in this deleted scene, we see that they originally had Loki himself wearing the suit! (Tom Hiddleston alluded to this scene before and was very excited to wear it.)

Next is a brand new Maleficent trailer with a creepy version of “Once Upon a Dream” sung by Lana Del Rey. Sadly the more I hear about this movie, the less interested I am since they seem to make her some anti-hero instead of just evil.

Not that I’m surprised by this parody at all, but someone did a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and did scenes of him as Mr. Freeze and did a cover of “Let It Go” from Frozen. I will say that the effect is chilling.

We’re stupidly excited for the LEGO movie and this just helps us get amped up. This is a fake “behind the bricks” featurette of the “actors” behind the LEGO movie. Definitely worth a watch.

Box Office

Box Office Mojo for January 24 – 26, 2014

In Theaters – January 31, 2014

New Releases for January 28, 2014

Movie News

Mirren to be honored at British Academy awards

Daft Punk wins Grammy album of year

Choose Your Own Adventure Movie Coming Soon – Will it End Prematurely a Few Minutes in?

‘Muppets Most Wanted’ gets Super Bowl spot, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ sitting out

Vin Diesel announces a fourth Riddick movie is coming

Terry Gilliam resurrects colorful dystopias with Zero Theorem trailer

Warner Bros. wants to make a six-movie saga about King Arthur

TV News

Anna Kendrick gets ‘beer commercial hot’ for non-Super Bowl Newcastle ad

‘Banshee’ renewed for Season 3; Jimmy Fallon books final ‘Late Night’ guests

‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid officially set for Syfy sequel

‘Supernatural’ spinoff to be called ‘Supernatural: Tribes’

CM Punk leaves WWE weeks before ‘Wrestlemania XXX’?

‘Sean Saves the World’ shuts down Season 1 production early

‘Crazy Ones’ books ‘Mork and Mindy’ reunion; Eliza Coupe returns to TV with ‘Benched’ and more

‘Happy Endings’ and ‘Don’t Trust the B’ creators score pilots at NBC and ABC

‘Haven’ renewed for a double Season 5 on Syfy

We’re getting a TV pilot out of comic iZombie

New Cosmos trailer shows how Carl Sagan’s series got upgraded

‘Greatest Event in TV History 4’: Paul Rudd, Adam Scott remake ‘Bosom Buddies’ intro

Sharon Stone to star in TNT drama pilot ‘Agent X’

Margaret Cho set to co-star in FOX’s Tina Fey comedy

Marvel’s bringing two more super-characters to Agents of SHIELD

Talk Nerdy to Me

Bill Hader’s Star Wars Impersonations: Choking Jabba, Dying Tauntaun

‘Thor 3’ confirmed: Will ‘Agents of SHIELD’ now go to Asgard?

Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Attack on Titan Live-Action Car Commercial

Behold Tom Hiddleston’s shirtless audition for the role of Thor

Loki himself cosplays as Captain America in deleted Thor 2 scene

Maleficent trailer transforms “Once Upon Dream” into something evil

Dear God, what has X-Men: Days of Future Past done to Quicksilver?

And now, Mr. Freeze Singing ‘Let It Go’ From Disney’s Frozen

This ‘behind the bricks’ look at The Lego Movie is a goddamn delight

VIZ Announces Theatrical Dates for ‘Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising’

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club Anime Gets 2nd Season

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