My Geek Confessions #93 – 02/14/2014

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Welcome to our episode for February 14, 2014!

Sadly this week we lost two Hollywood legends, Shirley Temple and Sid Caesar. We gush on The LEGO Movie, Comcast buys Time Warner Cable and hope no one cares (everyone cares), and Shia LaBeouf continues to be weird. In TV News, there’s more Flash casting, a few cancellations, and DC Comics messing up again with FOX’s “Gotham.”

In Talk Nerdy to Me, there are more videos for The LEGO Movie, Conan O’Brian is a zombie, and Paul Bettany cast as “The Vision.”

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“My Geek Confessions – Watching Bad Movies, So You Don’t Have To!”

This is a super short clip, but would explain some of the challenges that the Olympics at Sochi, Russia have had. It shows AT-AT’s attacking during an event.

Our episode ran long because we gushed about The LEGO Movie so much. To continue our praise are two clips. First, is a blooper reel that’s been animated. Second, is the too short but fantastic full length “Untitled Self Portrait” from Batman.

Lastly, we have a cold open from Conan when Conan O’Brian had most of the cast of the Walking Dead on. So we got this great video of Conan as a zombie for the opening.

Box Office

Box Office Mojo for February 07 – 09, 2014

In Theaters – February 14, 2014

New Releases for February 11, 2014

Movie News

Curls and dimples: Shirley Temple dies at 85

Shirley Temple’s Hollywood star in storage

TV comedy pioneer Sid Caesar dies at 91

First Oscar Concert honors nominated composers

Phillip Seymour Hoffman will be digital in his final Hunger Games scene

Comcast Agrees To Buy Time Warner Cable For $45 Billion 

US release of Snowpiercer will be uncut, but it’s still getting screwed

Drake: Done with interviews after Rolling Stone

For One Week, You Can Literally Do Whatever You Want to Shia LaBeouf

Barbie to feature in this year’s SI Swimsuit issue

TV News

‘The Flash’ casts John Wesley Shipp: ‘Dawson’s Creek’ alum was the original Barry Allen

‘The Flash’ casts Tom Cavanagh as a physicist

HBO orders ‘The Brink’ starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins to series

Hugh Jackman returns to the Tony Awards; Victoria Justice’s ‘Eye Candy’ picked up at MTV

‘Mob City’ canceled by TNT: Frank Darabont noir will not return

‘Parenthood’ gets ‘Friday Night Lights’ crossover in new web series

Laurence Fishburne joins ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ opposite Anthony Anderson

‘Archer’ and ‘Justified’ going on Olympics hiatus; ‘Fifty Shades’ actress joins ABC pilot

BBC America reimagines Robin Hood: ‘Nottingham’ blurs line between hero and villain

Fox’s ‘The X Factor’ ending after 3 seasons

‘Drop Dead Diva’ canceled after Season 6; see HBO’s ‘Doll & Em’ trailer

The CW renews ‘Supernatural,’ ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Reign’ and more

‘Saturday Night Live’: Jim Parsons to make hosting debut in March

‘Haven’ star Emily Rose to recur on ‘Graceland’ Season 2

The directors of Lego Movie are creating a post-apocalyptic TV show

‘Gotham’: Ben McKenzie to star as James Gordon in FOX’s Batman series

The Gotham TV series casts Alfred, the Penguin and more

Talk Nerdy to Me

Redshirts is getting its own TV series

JL8 creator Yale Stewart is writing a series of Superman kids’ books

Jarvis Has a Vision: Paul Bettany Apparently is THE Vision Now, Too

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Replacing Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way 2

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