My Geek Confessions – Back from the Dead – AnimeFest 2016

My Geek Confessions Cover Art - From the Dead

Welcome to our episode our second Back from the Dead episode!

Next up is our unofficial AnimeFest 2016 interviews. These interviews were ones that we arranged while we were at AnimeFest since regular interviews were not scheduled. Because of what I mentioned in the last post, I’m going to combine all 3 of these interviews together so everyone can finally listen to them in all their glory!

Tom McKee

Tom McKee Voice Actor Photo
First up is independent voice actor Tom McKee (and our new friend and very patient man for putting up with us) who has worked at FUNimation on One Piece and many others, as well as on many independent video games such as Pirates Vikings Knights II, Riot!, and others, plus being a very accomplished theater actor and director in the DFW area. Honestly I feel like I can’t write enough about Tom to really do him justice, so please give him a listen.

You can follow him on his Facebook page

Kristen McGuire

Picture of Kristen McGuire - Comic Artist and Voice Actress
Kristen has been very busy since last time we met with her (and even busier since we’ve recorded this). She has voiced Dolugh in elDlive, Hanabi Kawai in Keijo!!!!!!!!, Loop Nishigori in Yuri!!! On ICE, An Onoya in ReLIFE, Chiyo Kurihara in Prison School, Hinano Kurahashi in Assassination Classroom, and much more. Since the last time we’ve talked to Kristen, has become a script writer for Funimation for titles like Dance with Devils, Dagashi Kashi, and also an assistant ADR Director for several more titles. If you want to check out more of her comics and voice roles, you can at her website, and like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

Assassination Classroom: Season 1, Part One

Assassination Classroom: Season 1, Part One

Prison School: The Complete Series

Prison School: The Complete Series

Ethyn Gutierrez

Ethyn Gutierrez

Ethyn Gutierrez is an actor, director, producer and so much more. Based out of Oklahoma, Ethyn still has very strong ties to Texas and the Dallas area and is a personal acting coach. We discuss his new project in the works and even try to give a few suggestions of our own.

Ethyn can be found on Facebook and on Twitter. Check out his IMDB as well. Be sure to contact him if you’re interested in private acting lessons or if you’re like him to star as an actor in anything!

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