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Runner Runner

Runner Runner – A Princeton University student, Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) loses his tuition money in online poker. Trying to track down the man who runs the site, Ivan Block (Ben Affleck), he ends up getting brought in as his right-hand man. Richie gets involved with the criminal dealings of drugs and must more, and tries to look for an escape. Stars Justin Timberlake, Gemma Arterton, Anthony Mackie, and Ben Affleck. Rated R.

Big Ass Spider!

Big Ass Spider! – This is definitely a Syfy quality movie, but for some reason has quite a bit of buzz around it. A giant alien spider escapes from a laboratory and it’s up to the military and an exterminator and his assistant to take down the “Big Ass Spider” and save Los Angeles. Rated PG-13.


Duck Dynasty: Season 4

Duck Dynasty Season 4 – The fourth season of the somehow popular “Reality” show on A&E. This is before the problems with the cast, but so far there seems to be no real disruptions from it. Not Rated.

The Following: The Complete First Season

The Following: The Complete First Season – The first season of the popular FOX series, about former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and his attempts to track down an escaped serial killer he helped to bring in nine years ago. During this time in prison he was able to gain a fanatical cult of other serial killers. It’s up to Ryan Hardy and his team to find the escaped killer and his followers. This comes out just a couple of weeks before the premiere of the second season. Not Rated.

Being Human: Complete Third Season

Being Human: Complete Third Season – The third season of the North American version of Being Human. That’s because it’s filmed in Canada but also airs in the United States on Syfy. It’s also worth noting that while this and the British version of the series started off similar, the British version has already ended but the North American version is still going strong. Not Rated.

House of Lies: Season Two

House of Lies: Season Two – The second season of the Showtime series starring Don Cheadle, just days before the third season is set to air. Not Rated.

Copper: Season 2

Copper: Season 2 – The second and final season of the BBC America drama series about an Irish immigrant police detective in New York City during the 1860s. Not Rated.

Archer: Season Four

Archer: Season Four – The fourth season of the very popular animated series from FX about a master spy and his adventures. Not Rated.


PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures - THE ADVENTURE BEGINSPAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures - ALL YOU CAN EAT!

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures – THE ADVENTURE BEGINS & PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures – ALL YOU CAN EAT! – The first two volumes of the new Pac-Man cartoon that has aired on Disney XD. Apparently the Ghosts have escaped and it’s up to Pac-Man and his crew to catch the Ghosts and put them back. Basically it’s exactly like the video game as far as the premise. Each of the DVDs come with 6 episodes a piece. Not Rated.

Monster Rancher: Season 1

Monster Rancher: Season 1 – Normally I wouldn’t include an old series like this, but this is the first time that this series has been available on DVD in years and I believe it’s the first time that it’s all in one set as well as the entire first season. So if you’re a fan of this old series, definitely one to pick up. Not Rated.

Uta No Prince Sama 1000%: Season 1

Uta No Prince Sama 1000%: Season 1 – Sadly this is a sub only release from Sentai Filmworks (though might be hard to dub with the songs) but this is also one of Krista’s favorite series so I have to include it. Haruka goes to a performing arts school where she is to be partnered with one of 6 males that are trying to become idols. There is also a rule (that no one follows ever) that they are not allowed to be romantically involved. This is the first season and the second season has already been licensed as well. Not Rated.

Lagrange: Set 2

Lagrange: Set 2 – The second season of Lagrange (which I think is pronounced incredibly different then it’s spelled) that aired on Neon Alley. While it’s the second season, it’s really a continuation of the first and aired as one complete series on Neon Alley. Not Rated.

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