New Releases for July 05, 2016 – Foreign Movie Fest!



The Mermaid (Mei Ren Yu)

The Mermaid (Mei Ren Yu) – I admit, I’m a huge fan Stephen Chow and I totally dropped the ball on this one! This latest work is the highest grossing Chinese film of all time! This time a billionaire playboy has bought a wildlife reserve but uses sonar to get rid of the sea life in the area. However, this reserve is where the mermaids call home and it kills most of them. Now a mermaid has learned to walk on her fins to go on land and try to assassinate the playboy as revenge. Rated R.

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday – A previously unreleased in the United States Studio Ghibli movie finally out on video with a new dub by GKids in time for it’s 25 anniversary! Rated PG.


Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl – After hearing about this for a long time, it’s finally on video! Electra Woman & Dyna Girl is a reboot of the 70s TV series, about two amateur superheroes who fight crime in Akron, Ohio, before trying to make it in the much bigger city of Los Angles and finding they may not be ready for the big time. Not Rated.

House of Cards: Season 4

House of Cards: Season 4 – The fourth season of the VERY popular Netflix original (rebooted from the UK) series. Not Rated.


Project Itoh: Empire of Corpses

Project Itoh: Empire of Corpses – Empire of Corpses was the first of Project Itoh films to be dubbed and released by Funimation Films in theaters.  The Empire of Corpses follows John Watson in an alternate version of the 19th century where Frankenstein’s monster kicked off an industrial revolution based of the technology to reanimate the dead to be used as soldiers or manual labor. After Watson is caught reanimating his dead friend Friday without government permission, he’s recruited to work for the government to recover Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s lost notes that may contain the information to reanimate the dead completely with a fully developed replacement soul to replace the one that is lost during death. Watson travels the world with his reanimated friend Friday in tow to recover the notes and give Friday back his soul. We quite liked this movie though it got a little weird at the end, though that could be partly due to it being unfinished due to Project Itoh’s death. You can listen to our review of the movie here!

My Geek Confessions #187 – 04/22/2016

Naruto Shippuden Uncut: Set 27

Naruto Shippuden Uncut: Set 27 – Episodes 336 – 348 of Naruto Shippudden, that has Itachi reanimated along with the rest of the Akatsuki and revealing the truth about the Uchicha massacre. Though Sasuke wanting to know more, revives Orochimaru to find out more, though it may have consequences he didn’t intend. Not Rated.

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ: Collection 2

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ: Collection 2 – The second half of Gundam ZZ – This set includes episodes 23 – 47 as Judau tries to stop Neo Zeon from taking over as they cross Africa. Not Rated.

After War Gundam X: Collection 2

After War Gundam X: Collection 2 – Also the second part of After War Gundam X, with episodes 20 – 39. The older governments of the world reunite as New United Nations Earth, and attempt to restart the war the devastated the Earth 15 years ago. Garrod Ran and his friends continue to look for Newtypes. Not Rated.

Parasyte - The Maxim: Collection 2

Parasyte – The Maxim: Collection 2 – The next set of Parasyte: The Maxim that just recently finished on Toonami as the parasytes continue to take control of human bodies and become more deadly as they learn more human mannerisms and how to better blend into human society so they aren’t discovered and better able to kill the humans for food. Not Rated.

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