New Releases for July 19, 2016 – BvS tries again – Scifi TV – Yona of The Dawn



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition – 18 months have passed since Superman and Zod’s battle destroyed much of Metropolis and much of humanity is still trying to come to grips with someone as powerful as Superman running around with no check. Bruce Wayne, flying across the bay from Gotham to try to save employees at one of his buildings, blames Superman for their deaths and the destruction that affected thousands. Fueling the fires of battle between them is Lex Luthor with a full head of hair as he provokes Batman, Superman, and the government and using them all in order to gain more power himself. The best part is that there was supposed to be a football game between Metropolis and Gotham that was filmed before the final script was even finished and then it was never used in the film. This is the Rated R version with a LOT more footage that hopefully makes it better, since as it stands right now we didn’t’ enjoy the movie very much. It honestly was a mess. Also I will forever laugh that Wonder Woman is the center of this cover when it’s not even her movie. Stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, and Gal Gadot. Rated PG-13 in the original version and R in this ultimate version.

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My Geek Confessions #185 – 04/02/2016


Underdogs – I’m more shocked that this is actually being released. Underdogs was supposed to be released in 2014 but was delayed SEVERAL times (even after trailers in theaters for months) and now finally out as a direct to video movie. Rated PG.


In interest of time, I won’t do descriptions of all the TV series other than The Magicians. The Magicians is really good and you should get it!

The 100: Season 3

The 100: Season 3

Person of Interest: Season 5

Person of Interest: Season 5

The Magicians: Season 1

The Magicians: Season 1

Orphan Black: Season 4

Orphan Black: Season 4

Royal Pains: Season 8

Royal Pains: Season 8

Bob's Burgers: Season 5

Bob’s Burgers: Season 5


Softenni: Complete Collection

Softenni: Complete Collection – A sub only set from Sentai Filmworks, though in this case I really don’t blame them. A group of girls play Soft Tennis, though from the looks of it, uses it as an excuse to do nothing but be pervy all day.

Yona of the Dawn: Part Two

Yona of the Dawn: Part Two – The second half of Yona of the Dawn! Yona of the Dawn is a little strange as part 2 was a Broadcast Dub and dubbed first before Part One was. But Yona is a fun series that I think ended too soon but definitely worth checking out. Below is the trailer for the first set. Be careful, there are reports on Amazon that there is a mix up with two disc ones and not both parts.

Video Games

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