New Releases for July 23, 2013



Note: Every single movie release this week was never in wide release. I can’t even remember the last time this happened. So there will not be much as far as info on any of these. 


Trance – An art auctioneer wakes up with no memory and expensive art in his room, and then must try to figure out what happened. This is probably one of the better releases of the week with it being directed by Danny Boyle and starring James McAvoy. Stars James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel, Danny Sapani, and Matt Cross. Rated R.

Welcome to the Punch

Welcome to the Punch – Another James McAvoy action film. Stars James McAvoy and Mark Strong. Rated R.


Twixt – A Val Kilmer ghost movie directed by Francis Ford Coppolla! Rated R.

Love and Honor

Love and Honor – Liam Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer in a romance movie set during the Vietnam War. Rated PG-13.

Kiss of the Damned

Kiss of the Damned – This is movie that we’ve mentioned before on the Bottom of the List and is about vampires in modern days. Not Twilight related at all. Rated R.

Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory – Another Bottom of the Lister, this is a musical set in the 70s with Minnie Driver. Not Rated.


Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXVII

Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXVII – The next set in the slow release of all the best riffing. Not Rated.

How the States Got Their Shapes: Season 2

How the States Got Their Shapes: Season 2 – Apparently a pretty good series stories of how all the states got their shapes. Something interesting on the History Channel. Who knew? Not Rated.

Superjail: Season 3

Superjail: Season 3 – This crazy thing from Adult Swim is out for it’s third season. So much death…Not Rated.]


Dragons: Riders of Berk - Part 1Dragons: Riders of Berk - Part 2

Dragons: Riders of Berk Part 1 &
Dragons: Riders of Berk Part 2 – This is another weird release from Cartoon Network, as they seemed to be doing volume releases but now they have the entire season out on two sets. Better late then never. I am curious how they will bring in everyone’s new looks for the second movie. Not Rated.

Duck Dodgers: Deep Space Duck - Season 2

Duck Dodgers: Deep Space Duck: Season 2 – The slow release of this Cartoon Network series continues. Daffy Duck in Space. In the 23rd and one half century. Not Rated.

Super Friends: A Dangerous Fate Season 5

Super Friends: A Dangerous Fate – Season 5 – I didn’t even know these all weren’t out yet, and DC is failing yet again on getting this out. Looks like they started to release these out several times and last time in 2010 was the start of the set. Not Rated.

Fairy Tail: Part 5

Fairy Tail: Part 5 – The next part of Fairy Tail is finally getting released after more than a year of wait. I’m not sure if they were waiting for the series to continue a bit more but it’s finally out and on a Blu-Ray combo pack. Not Rated.

One Piece: Season Five, Voyage One

One Piece: Season 5, Voyage One – I’m still not sure how this is being released exactly, but the first part of the fifth season is finally being released. Not Rated.

Robotech: 2-Movie Collection (The Shadow Chronicles / Love Live Alive)

Robotech: 2-Movie Collection – This is a brand new movie set, with the second movie never before been released until now. This is a must have for Robotech fans. Not Rated.

Phi-Brain: Season 2 - Collection 1

Phi-Brain: Season 2 – Collection 1 – Okay I have admit that I’ve made a mistake for a while. I’ve previously called out Sentai Filmworks for releasing this and other series as sub only releases. But I now realize that this series at least has been dubbed all along and that Amazon has had it wrong for the whole time until now. I will admit my mistake and double check the Sentai releases from now on. But this one is dubbed and continues the series about the ultimate puzzle solver. Not Rated.

Video Games

The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs 2 – This is a side scroller game based on the movie. Available on Wii, Wii U, DS, PS3, and XBox 360. Rated E for Everyone.

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