New Releases for July 26, 2016 – The Boss – Hardcore Henry – Log Horizon 2



The Boss

The BossThe Boss stars Melissa McCarthy as an over the top and wealthy CEO, Michelle Darnell, is sentenced to Federal Prison for insider trading. Thanks for her ruthless ways, not only is Michelle left penniless and homeless, but also friendless. Tracking down her former personal assistant Claire, who is the only person willing to help her out, Michelle tries to come to grips with her new reality. When Michelle sees opportunity to make a brownie empire based off of Claire’s daughter’s scout troop (a riff off of Girl Scouts and their cookie selling), things don’t go quite as planned when the scouts and some old enemies return to make her return to business difficult. Stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage, Kathy Bates, Ella Anderson, Tyler Labine, Annie Mumolo, Kristen Schaal, Margo Martindale, and Ben Falcone. Rated R.

Hardcore Henry

Hardcore HenryHardcore Henry is an extremely unique movie that’s filmed entirely from the first-person perspective, simulating the style of a silent protagonist first-person shooter. The film follows Henry as he wakes up in a Russian laboratory with no memory by his wife and saved from death by becoming a half-human cyborg. Before his voice function could be activated, his wife is kidnapped by a telekinetic warlord and his band of mercenaries. So it’s up to Henry to save his wife and stop the warlord from completing his plan of taking over the world. Stars Sharlto Copley, Danila Kozlovsky, Haley Bennett, and Tim Roth. Rated R.

Barbershop: The Next Cut

Barbershop: The Next Cut – Barbershop: The Next Cut makes me feel old. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 14 years since the original Barbershop movie and that this is the fourth movie in the Barbershop movie franchise (if you count the Beauty Shop spin-off) and an attempt to revive the franchise. Since the last movie, the barbershop and salon have had to merge into one business. Now not only do they have to contend with a different clientele and a battle of the sexes, but they have to try to deal with the rise of crime and gang violence in their area of Chicago. Stars Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Regina Hall, Anthony Anderson, Eve, J. B. Smoove, Lamorne Morris, Sean Patrick Thomas, Tyga, Deon Cole, Common, and Nicki Minaj. Rated PG-13.


None this week!


One Piece: Season Eight Voyage Two

One Piece: Season Eight Voyage Two – Episodes 469 – 480 of One Piece, as Luffy and the crew continue to battle to save Ace before it’s too late. I’m not sure what point this cuts off at, but this is definitely heading towards one of the sadder moments in all of One Piece soon. Brace yourself for the feels! Not Rated.

When They Cry: Rei

When They Cry: Rei – The third “season” of When They Cry that’s actually 5 episodes of an OVA that represents a few new arcs for When They Cry. The whole set is only about 150 minutes and is a sub only release from Sentai Filmworks. Not Rated.

Log Horizon 2: Collection 2

Log Horizon 2: Collection 2 – Part 2 of the second season of Log Horizon in a dubbed release from Sentai Filmworks! The people trapped in the game of Log Horizon continue to try to survive as people return once again to the area of Akihabara and somehow have a vampire join the team. Not Rated.

Video Games

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