New Releases for July 28, 2015




Home – Home is Dreamworks latest animated projects that was delayed when it switched place with Penguins of Madagascar. Based off the LONG children’s book The True Meaning of Smekday, the Boov invade the Earth after being kicked off their own planet by evil aliens and kick the humans all to Australia. The human girl Tip is looking for her mother and joins forces with the bumbling Boov Oh, who accidentally tips off the evil aliens that the Boov are now on Earth. Strange enough there was a premiere of the film near us in Plano, TX near the Cinemark headquarters. Stars Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez, and Steve Martin. Directed by Tim Johnson. Rated PG.


Helix: Season Two

Helix: Season Two – The second season of the SyFy channel original series before it was canceled. The second season is completely different and separate from the first one, this time taking place on a tropical island though it does show scenes from the first season, deals with a religious cult filled with immortals. Not Rated.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXXIII

Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXXIII – The latest MST3K collection featuing Daddy-O, Earth Vs. The Spider, Teen-Age Crime Wave, and Agent For H.A.R.M.. Not Rated.


Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Justice League: Gods and Monsters – Though it’s technically been out on video on demand and digital platforms for a few weeks now (as Warner Bros. likes to do), the next DC animated film is finally out on physical media. While some of the latest direct-to-video DC animated films haven’t been very good, Gods and Monsters does have us excited. It brings back Bruce Timm back to work on a new story where in an alternate universe Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman  are evil and try to rule the world, and their tactics have been discovered. It actually looks pretty interesting and some of the prequel videos to the series are available on YouTube. Rated PG-13.

009 Re:Cyborg

009 Re:Cyborg – This release is a little weird for several reasons. First is while it is being released here in the USA by Funimation, they didn’t produce the dub. It was done by NYAV Post (run by former guest Michael Sinterniklaas) for a UK release by Anime Limited but Funimation obtained the rights to the film, along with the NYAV Post dub. The second odd thing about this film is that it is a new movie based on Cyborg 009 but is in a slightly awkward (but pretty) CG as well as some very different character designs for most of the characters, though some of them are improved. We had a chance to see the film and quite enjoyed much of the film, but the ending of the film along with the reason for “His Voice” that wasn’t completely thought out (and seemed out of step from what else we know about Cyborg 009) prevent us from completely recommending the film. But the film is made by Production I.G. and is interesting if you are a Cyborg 009 fan. A group of terrorist bombers listening to the will of “His Voice” after seeing skeletons of an angel are causing destruction around the world, and it’s up to the Cyborgs to prevent the end of the world. Not Rated.

Inari Kon Kon: The Complete Series & OVA

Inari Kon Kon: The Complete Series & OVA – Another strange Funimation release with another sub only release. A girl saves a young fox from falling into the river and a shrine god gives her power to transform to look like any other human. Not Rated.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life – A dubbed release from Sentai Filmworks and by how much Sentai has been promoting it, a really big one! A pair of brother and sister excellent gamer shut-ins are challenged to a game by the god of games and win, are taken to another world that’s ruled by games. When they find out that the humans of the world are in decline, the pair sets out to defeat the other species in order to put the humans back on top. Not Rated.

Windy Tales

Windy Tales – Another strange anime release this week! This one is another sub only release from Sentai Filmworks but is odd because it’s an anime from 2004 that’s just been picked up for the first time but is by Production I.G. (which provides two of our weird releases this week.) A school girl in a remote Japanese village discovers that wind handlers live in her town and tries to figure out the secrets of them and their techniques after being saved from falling off a roof. Not Rated.

Naruto Shippuden Uncut: Set 23

Naruto Shippuden Uncut: Set 23 – The next set of Naruto Shippuden with episodes 284 – 296 though apparently most of it is filler. Not Rated.

Recently My Sister Is Unusual

Recently My Sister Is Unusual – A subtitled only release from Discotek with an anime series that takes the “not quite incest because we’re not related by blood” trope to a new level as a new step-sister is possessed by a spirit that was in love with her new brother in life and can’t reach heaven because of it. In order to make it to heaven, the spirit puts on a spiritual chastity belt on her so that any time she has any feelings towards her brother, a gage fills up that creates another step for the spirit towards the gates of heaven. I only hope that the spirit reaches heaven before the two “seal the deal.” Not Rated.

Monster Farm

Monster Farm – If you’re a fan of the old anime series “Monster Rancher” then now you can see the entire series as it originally in the subtitled release called “Monster Farm.” It’s the entire series on a set of 8 discs if you really want to see what you were missing all those years ago as a kid. Not Rated.

Galilei Donna: Complete Collection

Galilei Donna: Complete Collection – Another subtitled only release from Discotek. This time it’s series set in the future about 3 girls that are being hunted because they are all descendants of Galileo and hold the key to unlocking on of his great remaining mysteries. Not Rated.

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