New Releases for October 14, 2014



X-Men: Days of Future Past [Blu-ray]

X-Men: Days of Future Past – X-Men: Days of Future Past is the latest of the X-Men movies, and attempts to both follow a major X-Men comic book arc. It did surprise us in being a bit quite a bit better than we thought it was going to be since it sounded disjointed. But if you’ve been a fan of First Class or the original X-Men movie, this is one that you really should check out. In the future, Mutants are hunted to near extinction by the robotic Sentinels. As a last-ditch effort to save the world, they use Kitty Pryde’s mostly unused power of the ability to send a consciousness back in time. Wolverine is selected so that he can go back 50 years to bring Charles Xavier and Magento together to stop Mystique from killing the creator of the Sentinels. This is also serving as a way to bring both the old and new casts together and reset continuity so that after all the movies, only X-Men: First Class is considered canon. Stars Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Nicholas Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, and many more. Rated PG-13.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman (Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman – Mr. Peabody & Sherman is originally a segment from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon and is now getting its own movie. Mr. Peabody is the smartest and most talented being alive and adopts a child instead of a child adopting a dog. After an altercation at school, he invites a family over to try to settle things, but his son uses the Wayback Machine (time machine) to impress the girl. In doing so, they completely alter the course of history and they must go back to repair the damage before the world is forever changed. We quite liked the movie and think it’s underrated. Stars Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Ariel Winter, Leslie Mann, Patrick Warburton, Stanley Tucci, and Stephen Colbert. Rated PG.


Dracula: Season 1 [Blu-ray]

Dracula: Season 1 – It says season 1 of Dracula but this is the entire series since it was cancelled by NBC. Not Rated.

Fargo Season One [Blu-ray]

Fargo Season One – The first season of Fargo from FX. The second season will feature a different cast in a slightly different time period. Not Rated.

Penny Dreadful: Season 1 [Blu-ray]

Penny Dreadful: Season 1 – The first season of the Showtime original horror series that I hear is decent. Not Rated.

2 Broke Girls: Season 3

2 Broke Girls: Season 3 – Season 3 of the CBS comedy starring Kat Jennings, best known for her roles in the Thor movies. Not Rated.

Two and a Half Men:  Season 11

Two and a Half Men:  Season 11 – The second to last season of Two and a Half Men, where they got rid of the half man and replaced him with a girl. Not Rated.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise – As the name says, it’s the second Robot Chicken DC Comics Special from Adult Swim. Not Rated.


Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion – The TV movie version launch of the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon. However there is no word on if this is the regular edition or the extended edition that will have James Earl Jones as Darth Vader that is set to air on ABC. If not, then that is an incredible oversight and makes this totally not worth it. Not Rated.

The Complete Mr. Peabody & Sherman Collection

The Complete Mr. Peabody & Sherman Collection – The same day as the Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie comes to video, the entire collection shorts is on DVD. Not Rated.

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: Complete Season 2

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: Complete Season 2 – The conclusion of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 with the complete second season. If you’ve collected the individual volumes, the last volume is out as well but isn’t a good deal. Not Rated.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Season 1

Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Season 1 – The first season of Yu-Gi-Oh GX finally out on DVD. It’s a pretty good value as well with 6 discs for the price. Not Rated.

Naruto Shippuden Uncut Set 20

Naruto Shippuden Uncut Set 20 – The next set of Naruto Shippuden with episodes 245 – 257 with Naruto beginning his training to control the Nine Tails with Killer Bee. Not Rated.

A Certain Magical Index II (To Aru Majutsu no Index) - Season 2, Part 1 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

A Certain Magical Index II – Season 2, Part 1 – The first half of the second season of A Certain Magical Index, featuring former guest Micah Solusod. Kamijo and Index must fight and the others must protect her knowledge so she doesn’t unlock the secrets of the grimoire. Not Rated.

Kill Me Baby: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]

Kill Me Baby: Complete Collection – A dubbed release from Sentai Filmworks! An anime based on a 4-panel comic about a dumb girl and her assassin best friend who battle weird things that happen during class. Not Rated.

Meganebu: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]

Meganebu: Complete Collection – A strange anime that we’ve actually seen thanks to Krista. This is a sub only release from Sentai Filmworks about a glasses wearing club that think that glasses are the ultimate in life while trying to create real life x-ray glasses. Not Rated.

Video Games

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – The prequel to Borderlands 2 from Gearbox and features several people from the Dallas area as voice actors! Available for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac. Rated M for Mature.

The Evil Within - PlayStation 4

The Evil Within – From the creator of Resident Evil, comes a survival horror game where a police detective is thrown into a world where the dead and monsters roam free. Available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Rated M for Mature.

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord - PlayStation 3

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord – The sequel to Tears to Tiara, which also inspired an anime series licensed AND dubbed by Sentai Filmworks. Available for PS3 only. Rated T for Teen.

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