New Releases for September 22, 2015



Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 – After a wardrobe malfunction in front of President Obama by Fat Amy, the Barden Bellas are suspended from being able to perform on the national a cappella circuit. In a last-ditch effort to be able to continue to compete, they make a deal that if they win a world a cappella competition, they’ll be able to be reinstated. But the stakes are stacked against them as no American team has ever won. Stars Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Alexis Knapp, Hailee Steinfeld, and Chrissie Fit. Rated PG-13.


The Flash: Season 1

The Flash: Season 1 – The very good first season of The Flash that has Barry Allen become the Flash thanks to a lightning strike caused by a new type of reactor exploding that created a series of “meta humans” with special powers. This is much more in touch with its comic book roots than Arrow started out (though it’s been embracing that more recently) and has several crossover episodes with Arrow. With how the season ended though, we’re very interested to see how things turn out this next season and if it will have any ramifications. Check out Krista’s review of season one! Not Rated.

Arrow: Season 3

Arrow: Season 3 – The third season of Arrow from the CW! Arrow has really helped to relaunch DC Comics on Television and right now between Arrow and The Flash, they are the bright spots of DC Entertainment. Like The Flash, season three of Arrow had several crossover episodes with the other series. Not Rated.


Tokyo Ghoul: The Complete First Season

Tokyo Ghoul: The Complete First Season – Though the second season has been available as a Broadcast Dub for a while, it’s been known since the second season Broadcast Dubs started that the first season would be coming later. Well the time has finally come and Funimation has released the first season of Tokyo Ghoul! We really liked Tokyo Ghoul, especially the first season and we’re excited to see the dub. Sadly it looks like the big Collector’s Edition set from Funimation has been delayed/recalled/cancelled but hopefully that will ship out in the future. Not Rated.

Space Dandy: Season 2

Space Dandy: Season 2 – The second season of Space Dandy from Funimation that did so well on its broadcast on Toonami with it being dubbed in English the same time it aired in Japan that it started the whole Broadcast Dub movement at Funimation. We really enjoyed Space Dandy season two and think it’s one that you should pick up. Don’t forget to check out our interview with Space Dandy himself, Ian Sinclair! Not Rated.

Selector Infected Wixoss: The Complete Series

Selector Infected Wixoss: The Complete Series – It says the “Complete Series” but this is the first season (but only one dubbed right now) of Selector Infected Wixoss. The popular card game WIXOSS has a terrible secret in that it has LRIGs (GIRL spelled backwards), special cards that possess special powers and are alive. If a girl has one of these special LRIG cards, they become a “Selector Girl” and are able to do battle in order to attain one wish. But if they lose three times they are cursed with the opposite of their wish and lose their LRIG cards. It’s by the director of Steins;Gate and is sort of intense female version of Yu-Gi-Oh! with higher stakes. Not Rated.

Sabagebu Survival Game Club

Sabagebu Survival Game Club – A sub only release from Sentai Filmworks about a girl who on her first day at a new high school, ends up being forced to join the school’s “Survival Club” and learns that she has a surprising knack for it. Not Rated.

Hamatora the Animation

Hamatora the Animation – A dubbed release from Sentai Filmworks! Hamatora is about a café in Yokohama that is actually just a front for a detective staffed by “Minimum Holders” (aka super powers or mutant powers) that only take on cases when they have a personal interest in them. During a case, they discover that other Minimum Holders have been committing horrible crimes and it’s up to them to put a stop to it. Not Rated.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Season 1

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Season 1 – This one is a little strange. It claims that it comes with an English dub (which if so is great!) but reports are that Warner Brothers, who published this one, basically made a DVD menu in a consumer product and shipped that way. That’s a shame because Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a crazy series spanning many generations as Jojo and his descendants try to fight off new and ancient vampire along with special other powers. It’s crazy over the top series with tons of bizarre poses that you’ll always remember. Not Rated.

Video Games

Only two video games this week and both with types of Football. First is Blood Bowl which combines Warhammer with American Football and the other is the newest version of FIFA soccer.

Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 – Available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Rated T for Teen.


FIFA 16 – Available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Rated E for Everyone

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