Super Bowl Commercial Roundup 2015 – Geek Edition

Dead Nationwide Kid Geek Edition

Best and worst Super Bowl commercial in 2015: My Geek Confessions Edition

Now as you could probably guess, we at My Geek Confessions aren’t big into organized sports unless it’s sports anime. So when we watch the Super Bowl, we don’t watch for the game, we watch for the commercials. Usually the commercials are among the best of the entire year and are certainly among some of the most expensive. However, this year seemed a bit different. Most were boring, terrible, or depressing. So instead of going through all of them and ranking them, we’re just going to put them in the best and worst categories. Some of them with additional comment if we deem necessary but most will just be in this post to let the world know that Super Bowl XLIX was one of the worst Super Bowls in recent history for commercials.

Best Commercials

  • Our favorite commercial this year is for Clash of Clans which starts out with a mobile game to then show Liam Neeson threatening those who would oppose him in the game.
  • The Super Bowl is also a good place to premiere trailer or teasers for the next batch of big movies for the year and this year didn’t disappoint.  We didn’t include all of them but the best ones were the ones we still know very little about with Jurassic World and Tomorrowland.
  • The funny ones. These are the ones left that we enjoyed though in no real order.

Worst Commercials

  • The worst commercial of the year for us is this terribly depressing ad from Nationwide. The worst part of it is that even if you had Nationwide insurance, it still wouldn’t have saved this kid from dying. You just might get paid.
  • But that wasn’t the only terrible and depressing commercial of the year. In fact it was almost a theme for the entire Super Bowl. We won’t include all the bad commercials but we’ve highlighted a few below.
  • The last group is the not quite thought group of commercial. These are the ones that didn’t quite think their ad campaigns out the whole way or what their reactions might be. The Voice tried to compare itself to Mad Max style singing competitions to the death, Coke made it seem like their soda would end all bullying everywhere, and McDonald’s wanted you to spend money at their restaurants on the extremely off-chance that you’ll get it free if you say you love someone even at the cost of your dignity.

On a lighter note: Left Shark

We’ve never been ones to shy away from good memes and we always like to end on a high notes so here’s the best thing about Super Bowl XLIX: The Left Shark from the Katy Perry Halftime Show.
Left Shark alone

Just remember:

Sometimes you're left shark

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