The Legacy Continues? – The Bourne Legacy Review

Bourne Legacy is exactly that. The legacy of the other Bourne movies previously starring Matt Damon now starring Jeremy Renner. This movie is a little weird in that way, as it takes place concurrently with Bourne Ultimatum.

During the movie we learn that Jason Bourne and Treadstone weren’t the only plans the US Government had. They concurrently developed a program that increased both physical and mental aspects of their spies. While Jason Bourne was closing in on the leaders from the last movie, they decided to cut their losses and shut down all their programs and killing all those associated with them. Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is only just lucky enough to escape death, but his medication to keep him smart and agile is running out.

Somehow he finds out someone who could manufacture the drugs to keep him going. They team up and give him a cure to keep him going while they go on a globe hopping adventure.

Overall the movie was pretty good and meshes pretty well with the rest of the Bourne movies. It does have a few flaws. I feel like the first half hour could have been scrapped as it was mostly unnecessary to the story or could have been summarized in some sort of montage. Others have said that the fight at the end of the movie was what made it too long.

The interesting thing for this movie is that the director for this movie is the writer for all the previous movies. That’s probably why this one blended so well with all the previous movies so well (Though it did get a little stranger). This isn’t the strongest entry in the franchise, but I put it somewhere around the first movie (higher or lower) but the last two of the series are still the most awesome by far.

Bourne Legacy is a fun movie and its fun to see Jeremy Renner branch out. It’s also interesting to see Rachel Weisz have a fairly convincing American accent instead of her usual English accent. (She might have had an American accent before but I don’t recall one from recent memory). The movie is still fairly solid and I give it a 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

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