The Odds are in your Favor – The Hunger Games Review

The Hunger Games was an interesting movie to watch, but I think deserving of a lot of the hype that it’s received. Usually post-apocalyptic¬† movies aren’t my favorite but this one was different enough that it made it so it wasn’t always depressing to watch. However, I don’t think I agree with it being the new Twilight and all the similar feelings that has been surrounding it from that side.

The movie centers around Katniss Everdeen as she is chosen (volunteered to save her sister) for the yearly Hunger Games – a yearly battle to the death between a boy and a girl from the different districts from the ages 12 to 18. They are taken to the of Panem (new capitol of the remains of North America) where Katniss and Peeta from her same District 12 train and figure out how they can survive the games. The Hunger Games are broadcast as a sort of sick sporting event and everyone is forced to watch. The movie is the first of a trilogy so at least some of the outcome can be assumed.

The movie is very well done and the world of Panem is very interesting, if a little sad and twisted. Overall the movie was very well done and captures the attention well. I will admit that I haven’t finished the book, but most of the film seemed to be relatable for someone non-initiated with the book series, and so far has gotten fairly positive feedback from fans. (with a few exceptions)

There are some issues with the film, which may speak more to how movies are shot now, than the director, but its a major problem. The first part of the movie uses what I like to call “Mr. Shaky Cam.” This is the type of shots that are usually used during ‘found footage’ type movies and really have been WAY over done in action movies. Thanks to “Mr. Shaky Cam” the whole part of with Katniss in District 12 is very hard to see and you can’t make out much detail. What makes things worse though, is that this was a conscious decision on the director’s part because as soon as they leave for The Capitol of Panem, most of the Shaky Cam stops. It only reappears during a large fight and the camera actually has to zoom out so you can see where the characters really are.

Other than the problems with “Mr. Shaky Cam” the movie seems to be well produced and the acting is far and away better than all of the Twilight movies combined. Stanley Tucci is amazing as Caesar Flickerman and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch is fantastic. There was much more effort and acting put into this film over Twilight, that’s its a shame that they are even being lumped together. Katniss is a strong woman who is almost the opposite of Bella and is played by Jennifer Lawrence (probably best known right now as Mystic from X-Men: First Class) and while they have similar styles, Katniss is a much more interesting character.

I give The Hunger Games a solid 4 out of 5.

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