We’re Back!

We're Back!


Sorry for the extended absence and that our interviews from A-Kon 27 haven’t been posted yet! Our move to a new location took much longer than expected and then we were without internet for days! We are still trying to catch up from what we missed while we were gone and still dealing with our day jobs so please be patient with us. We will be backdating our posts for what we’ve missed and then have a MASSIVE episode to catch up on all the news we’ve missed.

The interviews are forthcoming and will post them as soon as we can. We are excited that we were able to meet so many great people and want to give them all their full glory!

Thanks for your patience and on with the show!

We’re still slowly updating but the move plus now working 3 different jobs has taken a lot of time. Plus other events have made the delay on things worse. We’re still producing things, it’s just being released slowly. We hope to be back to full strength soon!

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